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Section 3: Trip Three

The Windmill Road from Medicine Bow to McFadden


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.895385, -106.200856
     Ending: 41.641877, -106.151114

This trip begins by turning south off US-30 at mile #272 in Medicine Bow. You take C-1 over the tracks and head south for a couple of miles to north and south access roads to East Allen Lake (off to the west). The road then climbs a small hill to a junction. Here you can see the Snowy Range Mountains to the south, southwest is Elk Mountain, east is Como Bluffs, and northeast is Laramie Peak. At this junction, you can take C-3 southwest to I-80 near Elk Mountain (exit #260 or #255, see page 46).

Continue south on C-1 and the road crosses the Medicine Bow River (one mile). The road swings east and then south across Horne Flats. A bit further, you pass between Indian Hill on the east and Pine Ridge on the west.

Two miles further south, you pass by a road (C-320) going west to connect with C-3. (This road also goes past the north side of Alligator Rock and Bible Rock. GPS = 41.760957, -106.187885 .) Continue south for two miles and the road crosses Foote Creek and then climbs up through a cut in Foote Creek Rim.

After going over the rim, the road drops down to Rock Creek and follows it south for two miles. Along here you pass through a small oil field area and the main road turns east across the Rock Creek. You then climb up a small hill to Baysinger Road in McFadden and W-13 at mile #11.

Smeagle is the barometer by which I gauge a great deal of my life. If his head is hanging out the window, or if he is wet and covered with mud, everything is going well. If he is curled up on the seat and sleeping, we need to take an "attitude adjustment" break and knock about for a bit.