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Section 3: Trip Two

The Windmill Road from Elk Mountain to Medicine Bow


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.685392, -106.407016
     Ending: 41.895385, -106.200856

This trip begins in Elk Mountain (W-72 at mile #16, south of I-80 exit #255) where you take C-3 across the Medicine Bow River and up the hill to a junction. Here you can turn south on C-101 to Centennial or Ryan Park (see page 60 and page 61).

Turn east on C-3/C-402 and, after two miles, you go under I-80 (exit #260). Stay north on C-3 and you pass by a couple of ranch roads. The road follows along the Medicine Bow River through a little valley and crosses the river after about five miles. You then climb over a small divide and cross Third Sand Creek and Second Sand Creek to a small junction. Here you can take the Kyle Oil Camp Road (C-320) east across Sand Creek and connect with C-1 between Medicine Bow and McFadden (see page 47). Continue north for another couple of miles to Halfway Hill. Along this stretch you can see Pine Ridge off to the east.

The road drops down a bit as it swings past Halfway Hill and travels across Spade Flats. To the north are the Freezeout Mountains, northwest are the Shirley Mountains, and to the far northeast is Laramie Peak. To the east is Indian Hill, south are the Snowy Range Mountains and to the southwest is Elk Mountain.

After six miles you come to a junction. Here you can take C-1 south to W-13 at mile #11 at McFadden (see page 47). At this junction you can see East Allen Lake to the west and Como Bluffs to the east. Turn north on C-1 and you pass by the south and north access roads to East Allen Lake. Three miles from the junction with C-1, you cross the tracks and enter Medicine Bow (US-30 at mile #272).

Don't expect to see any Dutch boys when traveling through windmill country in Wyoming.