Section 3: Trip Seventeen

McFadden south to Laramie via Diamond Lake - Bamforth Lake


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.655881, -106.088161
     Ending: 41.327494, -105.710578
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This trip begins by turning off W-13 at mile #9 east of McFadden. You head east on C-15 and after climbing to the top of the hill, you can see Laramie Peak to the northeast and Elk Mountain to the southwest. The road travels across the top for a mile and then turns south, down to Coal Bank Creek.

The road climbs back on top again and passes between Diamond Lake on the west and King Reservoir on the east (three miles). You then cross Seepage Creek and Dutton Creek and the road goes under I-80 at exit #279 (10 miles from McFadden).

Here you continue southeast on C-15, past a ranch road going south at the county line, where you begin traveling on the Dutton Creek Road (A-57). The road crosses Cooper Creek and then goes under I-80 again. You climb up Bengough Hill and, after about three miles, the road goes under I-80 one more time.

The road crosses Four-mile Creek and climbs up a bit where you can see James Lake to the northeast. Just after crossing Seven-mile Creek, you hit pavement and travel across the Laramie Basin to a junction. Here you can see Signal Hill to the north and to the northwest is Seven-mile Hill. At this junction, you can take the Hunt Road (A-59) north to I-80 at exit #290.

Continue on the pavement for three miles and you join W-12 at another junction. Here you can see Sheep Mountain and the smaller Jelm Mountain to the south. At this junction, you can take the Mandel Lane (A-57) south across the Little Laramie River and hit W-130 at mile #14 across from the Big Hollow. On this route you can also take the McGill Lane (A-513) one mile west to the Millbrook Road. That road will hit W-130 at mile #20 across from Porter Lake.

Continue east on W-12 (Herrick Lane) and at mile #10 you cross the Little Laramie River. The road then goes under I-80 to a junction at mile #6. Here you can take Sprague Lane (A-54) north to the Little Laramie River, or you can go east on A-53 toward Carroll Lake and US-30.

Continue on W-12 and you pass by Alsop Lake on the south and Lori Lake on the east. At mile #5, you can see Bamforth Lake Wildlife Refuge in Big Basin on the east and Knadler Lake off to the south. At mile #3 you go under I-80 (for the last time) and, after climbing a small hill, you hit W-130 at mile #5 west of Laramie.

The Wyoming Toad (Bufo hemiophrys baxteri) is found only in the Laramie Basin and is currently listed as a Rare and Endangered Species. This little critter was the main focus of my graduate studies at the University of Wyoming.