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Section 3: Trip Fourteen

Ryan Park north to Elk Mountain on the Brush Creek Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.346390, -106.527584
     Ending: 41.685500, -106.408764

This trip begins by turning off W-130 at mile #56 west of Ryan Park. As you head north on the Brush Creek Road (NF-100), you pass the South Brush Creek Campground and go by lodgepole pine and a few aspen trees. Two miles from W-130, you cross North Brush Creek to the Lincoln Park Campground. Here you begin seeing spruce and fir trees. Three miles further is a junction.

If you take option NF-261 northwest (Elk Mountain 35 miles), that road crosses Middle Cedar Creek after four miles. That road then swings around Kennaday Peak to Cedar Pass (four more miles). From there, that road turns east and drops down across Rankin Creek and Lee Creek to NF-201 (seven miles from the pass). That road goes south back to the Brush Creek Road. From that junction, you continue on NF-261 across Pass Creek and East Fork Pass Creek. There you travel seven miles to Turpin Creek and the Medicine Bow River and join NF-101 at the Bow River Guard Station.

Back at the main junction, stay northeast on NF-100 (Elk Mountain 29 miles) and you cross Fish Creek in one mile. Here the road passes by the Kennaday Lookout Road (NF-215) and the cutoff road (NF-201) to Pass Creek. Stay on NF-100 and you continue to climb along North Brush Creek.

Two miles from the cutoff road, you begin traveling along the top and pass several small parks and clearings. (Nice area.) A few miles further is a tornado blow down area and you can see Pine Butte to the east and Kennaday Peak to the west. The road now heads north to Turpin Reservoir (14 miles from W-130).

Below the reservoir, the road drops down along Turpin Creek and passes by the Tie Hack Campsite. After crossing Turpin Creek you get a good view to the west of Elk, Coad, and Pennock Mountain (north to south). You then pass by the Long Lake Road and drop down a hill to the Bow River Campground. Just after crossing the Medicine Bow River is a junction. Here you can take the Sand Lake Road (NF-101) to Stillwater Park, Arlington, or Centennial (see page 61).

Turn north on NF-101 (Elk Mountain 15 miles) and the road drops down along the river for two miles to a junction at the Bow River Work Station. Here the Cedar Pass Road (NF-261) turns west and then south, back to Ryan Park. Stay north on C-101 (NF-101) and after a couple of miles you can look back to the southwest and see Kennaday Peak. To the southeast is Medicine Bow Peak and Browns Peak.

As you continue north, you can see Laramie Peak to the far northeast, the Freezeout Mountains to the north, and the Shirley Mountains to the northwest. On top of the bench above Elk Mountain (city), C402 turns east for two miles to I-80 at exit #260. Turn northwest down the hill on C-3 and across the river to Elk Mountain.

The Wood Frog is a relic species left behind in the Snowy Range and Big Horn Mountains during the retreat of the glaciers from the last ice age (about 10,000 years ago).