Section 3: Trip Twelve

The Keystone - French Creek Road from Fox Park north to Ryan Park


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Beginning: 41.061323, -106.146215
     Ending: 41.327542, -106.486444
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This trip begins by turning off W-230 at mile #36. As you head north toward Fox Park on NF-512, the road passes by the Miller Lake Campground. The trees in this area are lodgepole pine. After going through Fox Park, you come to a junction. Here you can take NF-517 over to Owen Lake and Albany (see page 59).

Stay on NF-512 to the west and after about one mile the road swings northwest where you begin seeing a few spruce trees. You pass by NF-509 (looping around to rejoin this road after a couple of miles) and the main road makes a sharp turn toward Keystone. One and half miles further, you cross Lake Creek and NF-509 rejoins NF-512. About a 100 yards further is a junction where NF-512 continues west to the North Platte River (17 miles). On that road you can also cross over on NF-511 and join this route near Holmes Campground.

Turn northwest on NF-543 and the road follows along Douglas Creek and crosses Muddy Creek after one mile (nice drive here). Three miles further, you pass the Bobby Thompson Campground and cross Little Beaver Creek to a junction at Keystone. Here NF-542 turns east toward Albany.

Stay west and then north on NF-543 and the road continues along Douglas Creek. After crossing Keystone Creek, you pass by NF-111 (going west to the Platte River or back to Fox Park) and climb up to Rob Roy Reservoir. The road follows along the west shoreline and crosses Dave Creek and Bear Creek to another junction near the Holmes Campground. Here you can take NF-500 east, past the reservoir, to Albany (see page 56).

Turn west on NF-500 toward the French Creek Campground (20 miles). You pass by NF-511 again and two miles further is an access trail to the Savage Run Wilderness. As the road continues to the west, you get a good view of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The road then makes a loop to the northeast and then back to the west again, after passing by NF-510 (dead end) and crossing North Mullen Creek. The trees in this area are spruce and fir. The road drops down along North Mullen Creek for about three miles to another junction (30 miles from W-230). Here NF-500 continues west along the creek toward the French Creek Campground and Riverside (see page 56).

Turn north, up the hill, on NF-225. The road makes a zig-zag to the west and east as you climb up to South French Creek. Here NF-236 continues east along the creek. Stay on NF-225 for one mile to the next junction. Here NF-206 goes back down to the French Creek Campground (three miles).

Stay on NF-225 going up the hill and you have a big view of the creek drainage below and Blackhall Mountain to the southwest. After four miles, you cross Middle French Creek and in two more miles, you come to the last junction. Here you can take NF-227 northeast along the creek to W-130 at mile #49 (four miles).

Stay northwest on NF-225 and across North French Creek. After one mile you begin following above Barret Creek and four miles further, you hit W-130 at mile #53, just east of Ryan Park and the Ryan Park Campground.

Don't expect to see any slap-stick cops at Keystone, Wyoming.