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Section 3: Trip One

The Pass Creek Cutoff from Elk Mountain southwest to W-130


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.721874, -106.459373
     Ending: 41.623615, -106.811241

This trip begins by turning off I-80 at exit #255 and taking W-72 toward Elk Mountain (the city). At mile #16 you turn southwest on the Pass Creek Road (C-404). As you head toward Elk Mountain (the mountain), you can see Kennaday Peak to the south. After about four miles, you pass by a small lake and cross Mill Creek. The road turns south across Fish Creek and climbs up a small hill. Here you can see Medicine Bow Peak, the Gap, and Browns Peak to the southeast. To the southwest is Pennock Mountain.

The road turns back to the southwest (past another road continuing south) and you can now see Coad Mountain, just south of Elk Mountain. You follow along Thade Creek and after crossing it, the road turns west (past a ranch road continuing southwest) toward Coad Mountain. You then begin following Pass Creek through the canyon. (Very nice drive here.)

After five miles, you cross the creek and leave the canyon where you continue following Pass Creek across the Overland Flats. Here you can see Sheephead Mountain to the north and to the southwest are the Sierra Madre Mountains. About eight miles from the mouth of the canyon is a junction. Here C-215 goes north to the Rattlesnake Pass Road. Continue west for four more miles and you hit W-130 at mile #8, between Walcott Junction and Saratoga.

Pass Creek Canyon between Coad Mountain and Elk Mountain.