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Section 2: Trip Six

The Mormon Canyon–Boxelder Canyon Loop from Glenrock


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Beginning: 42.861280, -105.864082
     Ending: 42.837305, -105.811269

This trip begins by taking the Mormon Canyon Road (C-18) south from Glenrock (US-20 at mile #165, accessed from I-25 exit #160). The road heads south along Deer Creek and then goes under I-25 after two miles. Here the pavement turns west to a park, but continue south on C-18 toward the Laramie Mountains. After about four miles, you begin following Dry Creek through Mormon Canyon. The creek here is lined with aspen, chokecherry, boxelder, and cottonwood trees and the hillsides are covered with ponderosa pine.

The road comes out on top after four miles and you have a good view of the Laramie Range. You pass through windmill country during the next four miles to the Willow Creek crossing where you can see Davis and Lookout Peak to the southwest, Prostsman Knob is below them and a bit to the west, and Buck Peak to the south. After crossing Willow Creek, the road climbs a hill and swings east away from the knob. Three miles further is the junction with the Boxelder Road (C-17). Here you can go south toward Little Medicine Creek and Deer Creek. (This is a 4WD road after about six miles; see option below.)

To continue the loop back to Glenrock, turn northeast on C-17 and follow Boxelder Creek downstream past Lacy Mountain. Two miles after crossing the creek, you come to a junction. Here you can take the Windy Ridge Road (C-14) east to the Spring Canyon Road. There you can go north to the Natural Bridge Road or east to the Cold Springs Road.

Continue north on C-17 and over a small saddle. The road drops down a bit and then crosses Boxelder Creek at the head of the canyon. The road now leaves the creek and travels past aspen trees and a few lodgepole pine for about one mile. Here you hit pavement and drop down a steep hill to Hunton Creek (three miles). Three miles further you join W-90. You then cross Dry Creek and the road goes under I-25 and hits US-20 at mile #162. Here you can turn west to Glenrock or east to I-25 at exit #160.

OPTION: Little Medicine or Deer Creek.

If you choose the option to continue south, the road (C-17) follows along Boxelder Creek (past Lacy Mountain off to the east) toward Buck Peak. After crossing Snowshoe Creek and Keely Draw, the road turns southwest (away from an old paved road) to the end of county maintenance. The road swings around Pole Mountain and crosses Buck Creek, seven miles south of the C-17/C-18 junction. (The scenery becomes very nice here - as it often does on 2-track roads.)

Two miles further south, you cross Gunnysack Creek and pass Buck Peak off to the east. After a several more miles, you pass by Cherry Mountain (off to the east) and in three miles, you cross Little Gunnysack Creek. The trees here are limber pine and on the slope to the east are spruce trees.

Two miles after crossing Little Gunnysack Creek, the road climbs a pretty rough hill (at least Black Irene didn't like it) and comes out on top to a junction, sixteen miles from C-17/C-18. If you take the Balsh/Deer Creek Road to the west, it crosses Curry Creek and then follows a ridge over to Deer Creek (seven miles). There you can head southwest to a junction with the Medicine Bow Road (four miles). At that junction, you can turn south to Rock River and Medicine Bow, or you can continue west toward Casper on the Bates Hole Road (see page 38).

Back at the junction on the hill, if you turn southeast toward the Cold Springs Road, the Balsh Road gets much better after two miles. There you can look north and see where Boxelder Creek makes a sharp bend to the northeast. You can also see the Snowy Range and Elk Mountain to the far south.

Three miles from the Cold Springs/Deer Creek Junction, you cross Sleepy Jack Creek and Elkhorn Creek. After three more miles (and crossing several other small creeks), you pass by the East Boxelder Creek Road (dead end) and cross Cabin Creek. One mile from Cabin Creek, you hit the Cold Springs Road (A-62) at the North Fork Little Medicine Bow River. From here you can see Twin Peaks and Squaw Mountain to the north. At this junction, you can go southwest to Medicine Bow and Rock River, or you can travel northeast to Douglas (see page 32).