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Section 2: Trip Three

Douglas south to Medicine Bow on the Cold Springs Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.755335, -105.408673
     Ending: 41.925883, -106.181813

This trip begins by taking W-91/94 south from Douglas (I-25, exit #140) and going under I-25 to a junction. Here you can take W-94 south to Esterbrook (see page 34).

Turn west on W-91. At mile #3 is another junction. Here W-96 continues west to the Spring Canyon Road and I-25. Turn south on W-91 and the road climbs up to the next junction at mile #6. Here the Chalk Buttes Road (C-9) turns east back to W-94 and Douglas.

Stay on W-91 and the road goes up the hill and passes by the Bed Tick Road (C-8, going southeast to Sheep Mountain and back to W-94). The road climbs to the top of Nine-mile Hill and at mile #11 you go through Hazenville Pass. The road then drops down to LaPrele Reservoir and you begin following LaPrele Creek toward the Laramie Mountains.

At mile #16 the Windy Ridge Road (C-14) turns west. On this road you can take the Spring Canyon Road (C-11) south to Natural Bridge and I-25 (exit #151), or you can continue west to the Boxelder Road (C-17) north of Glenrock (see page 37 and page 40).

Continue southwest on W-91 (passing by C-15 going west to the Spring Canyon Road) and you travel through the valley for about six miles to the end of the pavement. Here the Spring Canyon Road turns back to the north.

Continue south on the Cold Springs Road (C-24) and you cross Little LaPrele Creek in one mile. The road then climbs Virden Hill to the next junction. Here you can take the Fetterman Road (C-16), south through Downy Park, to Rock River (see page 30). At this junction, the pointed Squaw Mountain and the doomed Buffalo Peak are off to the southwest.

Turn southwest on C-24 and after crossing Blue Nose Creek, the road travels along the open top for about three miles. You then drop down to the Rabbit Creek crossing. The road climbs up past the base of Bare/Bear Rock (I've seen it spelled both ways on various maps.) to a small saddle. The road then drops down across LaPrele Creek and crosses Meadow Creek (one more mile). Along here you begin passing by limber pine, ponderosa pine, spruce and aspen trees.

You continue following LaPrele Creek up the valley and after crossing Woodchopper Creek you begin seeing lodgepole pine and fir trees. One mile further, you pass by Cold Springs and come to the Campbell Creek Campground. The road leaves the creek after one mile and then travels through the forest for two miles to open country with big views.

Three miles after leaving the forest, you come to the next junction. Here you can take the road to the northwest and hit the Deer Creek and Boxelder Creek Roads (see page 37). At this junction you can see Twin Peaks and Squaw Mountain to the north and Warbonnet Peak to the east.

Continue southwest on the Little Medicine Road (A-62) and across the North Fork Little Medicine Bow River. The road travels along the top for four miles to the edge of the rim. Here you can see the Snowy Range Mountains and Elk Mountain to the south; to the southwest are the Shirley Mountains and to the west is Chalk Mountain.

The road drops down the rim to the South Fork Little Medicine Bow River (six miles) in the Shirley Basin. Three miles further you come to a main junction. Here you can continue southwest on A-62, across the Little Medicine Bow River (seven miles), and hit W-487 at mile #18 north of Medicine Bow. Also on this route, you can turn north on C-97 (two miles from here) and hit the Bates Hole Reservoir Road (10 miles, see page 38).

Turn southeast on the Holiday Road (A-619) and you follow along the Laramie Range for nine miles to the next junction. Here you can continue southeast on A-619 for one and a half miles to the Marshall Road (A-610). There you can go east for two miles and hit the Mule Creek Road (A-64) going south to the Fetterman Road (see page 30).

Turn southwest on the Marshall Road (A-610). After one mile you pass by the other end of this three-corner junction. As you continue southwest, the road passes by the Boot Heel (four miles) where you begin traveling across the Johnson Flats toward Elk Mountain.

Seven miles from the Boot Heel, you cross Sheep Creek. Here you can see Laramie Peak to the east and to the west are the Freezeout Mountains. The road follows along Sheep Creek to the southwest for about four miles and then turns south for six miles to a junction at Greasewood Creek. Here you can take the Marshall Road east and then south for six miles to Rock Creek. After crossing Rock Creek, that road then climbs up Como Ridge and hits US-30 at mile #283 north of Rock River.

Turn west toward Medicine Bow and you follow along Greasewood Creek for about three miles. The road then swings southwest through the Greasewood Flats where you can see Como Ridge to the south. Ten miles from the junction on Greasewood Creek, you hit W-487 one mile north of Medicine Bow.

Squaw Rock (also known as Bare Rock and Bear Rock) is rumored to have gotten the name because a young Indian princess turned to stone waiting for her brave to come home. She is pictured here with a blanket wrapped around her and grinding corn in a large bowel. (Neither of these conditions would probably exist in the world today.) By the way, if you don't like this little story and you don't care for the various names—name it what you want and start you own little story.