Section 2: Trip Twelve

The Happy Jack Road from Cheyenne to Laramie


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.131534, -104.886369
     Ending: 41.240351, -105.436461
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This trip begins by taking I-25 exit #10D (Missile Drive) and going west on W-210 (Happy Jack Road). You can also reach the Happy Jack Road by taking I-80 exit #358 (West Lincoln Freeway) and then turn back to the west on the Otto Road. After one mile, you turn north on W-222 and go under I-80 to the Happy Jack Road.

Now that both starting points have joined (W-210, mile #3), you head west toward the Laramie Mountains. The road climbs up a long hill to the northwest and travels past a stand of windmills as it swings back to the west. At mile #12 you can see Table Mountain off to the northwest, and at mile #14 you cross South Fork Crow Creek to a junction. Here you can take the Crystal Reservoir Road to I-80 (exit #335) at Buford (14 miles).

Continue west on W-210 and you cross Crow Creek after one mile and come to another junction. Here you can take RD-109 north to Federal and join W-211 to either Chugwater or Laramie (see page 42).

Stay on W-210 and the road climbs up through the foothills and by a razorback ridge to a junction at mile #24. Here you can take a side road south to Curt Gowdy State Park at Granite Reservoir. After passing by this turnoff, you go by the North Crow Creek Reservoir Road at mile #26 and enter the national forest. Here the Vedauwoo Road (NF-700) turns south where you can hit I-80 at exit #329. The trees in this area are aspen and ponderosa pine.

Continuing west on W-210 toward the Sherman Mountains, you cross Brush Creek and pass by NF-707A going south to the Blair-Wallis Road. At mile #30 you cross South Branch North Fork Crow Creek and pass by NF-701 going north to the Telephone and Pilot Hill roads. At mile #31 the Blair-Wallis Road (NF-707) goes south to some campgrounds. On this road you can travel through Hidden Valley to I-80 at exit #323, or follow along the service road to exit #329.

At mile #34 you cross South Lodgepole Creek and pass by the Telephone Road (NF-712) going to Eagle Rock. At mile #36 the Happy Jack Recreation Area Road turns off to Yellow Pine and Pole Creek Campgrounds. In this area you begin seeing lodgepole pine, spruce, and fir trees.

At the next junction at mile #37 you can either take the Pilot Hill Road (NF-703) northeast to Eagle Rock, or you can turn south to the Upper and Lower Tie City Campgrounds. At mile #38 you come to the Lincoln Monument Rest Stop (I-80, exit #323). Here you can take the Hidden Valley Road (NF-705) to the Blair-Wallis Campgrounds, or go west on I-80 to Laramie (eight miles).

Shekinah, Isaac, Nikolas, Calli, and Zachary at one of the many campgrounds along the Happy Jack Road.