Section 2: Trip Eleven

Laramie to Chugwater on the Roger Canyon-Iron Mountain Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.336276, -105.582841
     Ending: 41.757282, -104.835385
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This trip begins by taking I-80 exit #310 into Laramie. You follow Curtis Street to the stoplight on Third Street and continue east to the stoplight at Ninth and Reynolds. Turn north on Ninth Street and after leaving Laramie, you begin traveling northeast on the Roger Canyon Road (A-17).

You head toward the Laramie Mountains for five miles and the road swings around The Spur. Here you can see Timber Canyon and Katie Brown Canyon to the east. After going around The Spur, the road turns back to the east and into Roger Canyon. This is a nice drive past mountain mahogany, limber pine, and rock walls.

You travel through the canyon for about three miles and the pavement ends. Two miles further, you begin following Schoolhouse Creek and pass between Dirty Mountain on the north and Sherman Hill on the south. Here a road continues northeast toward Ragged Top, but stay on A-17 to the southeast and along the creek.

After crossing Schoolhouse Creek, the road climbs up past Sherman Hill and you can see Horse Mountain to the east. Ragged Top and Powell Mountain are to the northeast. One mile further is a small road turning east, but stay southeast on A-17 toward Green Top Mountain.

The road turns back to the east again and crosses Horse Creek. You then cross a couple of small creeks and go past Horse Mountain. Here you get a glimpse of Eagle Rock back to the southwest. About two miles further, the road crosses another small creek and you begin getting good views of the Horse Creek Hogback to the northeast.

The road then travels out on a finger and drops down along South Fork Horse Creek in Fisher Canyon. (There are boxelder and cottonwood trees here - and the worst tick infested area in the state.) After leaving the canyon, you join W-211 at mile #27 at the Horse Creek Post Office (A-17 is Rd-228 on this end).

If you take W-211 south, the road travels below the rim for about six miles and crosses Lodgepole Creek and then South Fork Lodgepole Creek to a junction. (Cheyenne Pass is now off to the west.) At that junction you can take Rd-109 south to Federal and join the Happy Jack Road at mile #15 (see page 43). You can also continue east on W-211, out of the valley and across the rolling prairie to I-25 (exit #16) north of Cheyenne.

Back at Horse Creek Junction, turn north on W-211 and the road travels between the rim and the Horse Creek Hogback. At mile #31 the road passes through a small saddle and drops down along Sand Creek to a junction with the Iron Mountain Road (R-103) going west to the Iron Mountain Post Office at Farthing. You then travel along a small razorback for a couple of miles and begin following Chugwater Creek. After crossing the creek at mile #43, the pavement ends.

Continue north on Rd-106 for two miles where the road turns northeast for two miles to another crossing over Chugwater Creek. Along here the valley begins to close in a bit. After about four miles, you cross Chugwater Creek one more time and begin traveling on the Iron Mountain Road. Five miles further, you cross Jacob Draw and pass below Degans Butte (two more miles). You then hit pavement and the road crosses Mendenhal Draw. During the next six miles, the valley begins to open up and widen considerably. Just after hitting pavement, you pass by the Diamond Road going west and you hit I-25 (exit #54) at Chugwater.