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Section 2: Trip Ten

Hermosa Cutoff from Tie Siding northeast to I-80


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.080480, -105.507185
     Ending: 41.156884, -105.404454

This trip begins by turning off W-287 (mile #417) at Tie Siding. The Hermosa Road (A-222) climbs up a hill to the northeast and crosses the tracks at Hermosa. Here you can see the Snowy Range and Sheep Mountain to the northwest. To the west is Boulder Ridge. After crossing the tracks, the road travels through a field of exposed granite and boulders. Up here you can see Jelm Mountain to the south of Sheep Mountain. The trees in this area are limber pine.

Five miles from Tie Siding, you get a glimpse of Dale Reservoir to the east and the road crosses Dale Creek (two more miles). After crossing the creek, you climb up a ridge to a junction at the Ames Monument.

If you take the Monument Road (A-234) south (after stopping of course), you get a good view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. After crossing the tracks at Dale Creek, you head southeast and drop down to the East Fork Dale Creek. Two miles further, you pass by a road going south and you then cross Duck Creek. Here the road swings northeast, away from Twin Mountains, and crosses the county line (A-234 changes to RD-206). You pass by the Remount Pines Road and after crossing Lone Tree Creek, you hit pavement. Turn west on RD-103 and under the tracks to I-80 at exit #339.

Back at the junction at Ames Monument, if you turn north on the Monument Road, you head toward the Sherman Mountains. After two miles, you come to a junction at I-80 exit #329. There you can go under I-80 and travel through the Medicine Bow National Forest to the Happy Jack Road (see page 43). If you continue northwest along the old highway, you come to another junction in three miles. There you can take the Blair Road into the forest and hit the Happy Jack Road. If you continue northwest on the old highway for four more miles, you hit I-80 (exit #323) at the Lincoln Monument.

The Ames Monument at the highest point on the trans-continental railroad.