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Section 2: Trip One

The Esterbrook Loop from Glendo and Back


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.503464, -105.032938
     Ending: 42.487801, -105.030492

This trip begins by taking I-25 exit #111 to Glendo. Turn west toward Esterbrook on the Ridge Road on the west side of the Interstate. Along here you can see Laramie Peak to the southwest a bit. On the north side of the peak is Eagle Peak and Windy Peak, and on the south side is Albany Peak and Bear Head Mountain.

You pass by an Oregon Trail marker after about 7 miles, and after about 5 more miles, you begin following along above Elkhorn Creek and you can see Sawtooth Mountain to the far west. Just after entering Converse County (and begin traveling on C-6), you cross Spring Creek. The road then climbs a ridge past Sunset Hill (just off to the south).

The road swings south across a small saddle and you begin traveling past ponderosa pine trees. You then come to a junction on Prairie Dog Hill. Here you can take C-5 north to Douglas (see page 34).

Turn south on C-5 and after one mile you come to a junction in Ullman Park. Here you can see Windy Peak to the southwest. Squaw Peak is in the foreground between Laramie Peak and Eagle Peak. At this junction you can take C-5 west toward Sawtooth Mountain and hit C-7 (three miles). There you can turn north to Douglas on the Brae Road, or you can go south to Friend Park and the Fetterman Road near Garrett (see page 30).

Turn south toward Rock Mountain and the road turns east as you enter Esterbrook . You then travel past lodgepole pine for three miles to the Esterbrook Campground. After leaving the campground, the road drops down some switchbacks to another junction at Three Cripples Creek. Here you can turn south toward Harris and Cottonwood Park (see page 34).

Continue east and you begin following along Horseshoe Creek. After crossing several draws, the road goes by the base of Reeder Hill (four miles). Three miles further you cross Horseshoe Creek and hit pavement. You follow along the creek for another seven miles and, after crossing the creek a second time, the road goes under I-25 to the South Glendo Highway, one mile south of Glendo.

The "boot" was once a common sight along Wyoming secondary highways. However, due to Highway Department safety standards, it is now only rarely seen along county roads.