Section 1: Trip Nine

Guernsey to Glendo on the Patton Creek Road (with an option on the Emigrant Hill Road)


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.265184, -104.719482
     Ending: 42.500609, -105.024841
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This trip begins by turning off US-26 just east of Guernsey and taking W-270 north. The road climbs up past ponderosa pines and cedar trees. At mile #498 is a junction with the Whalen Canyon Road going northeast (see page 26). At mile #500 W-318 turns off to Hartville and Sunrise and one mile further is the Lakeside Drive road going to Guernsey State Park (see option below).

Stay north on W-270 and the road continues to climb up through Webb Canyon to the top of the Hartville Uplift. After traveling across the top for a bit, you come to a junction at mile #510. Here W-270 continues north to US-20 at Manville.

Turn northwest on the Patton Creek Road and you travel through open parks and pine woods and then across the open top. (Nice drive!) Eight miles from the highway, the road passes by the base of Sheep Mountain where you have a good view of Laramie Peak to the west. One mile further is the junction with the Emigrant Hill Road.

Continue west for five miles to a junction with the Glendo Park Road (at the Sandy Beach turnoff). Here you can turn north for two miles to the Meadowdale Road. On that road you can turn east to Cedar Top and then go either east to W-270 or north to US-20 (see page 24).

Turn south on the Glendo Lake Road. After six miles the road drops down a bit as you enter the state park. After crossing the dam, you pass by the marina boat ramp and four more miles further is Glendo (I-25 at exit #111).

Emigrant Hill Option

The Emigrant Hill Road is not often maintained by the county and it could be closed sometime in the future. A six mile section of the trip has some poor bridges and the road may require a high clearance vehicle. There are two scenic routes you can take to get to Emigrant Hill. Trip one begins by turning off US-26 at mile #17 east of Guernsey. You go north on W-270 for about five miles (just past W-318 going to Sunrise) and turn west at mile #501. The road then climbs up to Rocky Pass and down one mile to the dirt road going up Emigrant Hill.

Trip two begins by turning north on to W-317 from US-26 at mile #15 just west of Guernsey. After about one mile the road forks. The road northwest goes to Sandy Beach and several access points on the west side of the lake. Take the pavement north and across the dam. The road follows along the shore (with several access roads to the lake) for about six miles to Long Canyon. Here a dirt road continues along the shore to the north, but take the pavement east for about two miles to the dirt road going over Emigrant Hill.

Now that both routes have joined, you climb up a couple of switchbacks to the top of Emigrant Hill. From the summit you have a terrific view of Laramie Peak and the Laramie Range to the southwest. After traveling northwest for a mile, the road passes through private property and the Wyoming National Guard Artillery Firing Range. (Do not take any side roads, turns, or drives of any kind. Stay on the main road to the northwest!)

After traveling through the artillery range for about seven miles, the Emigrant Hill Road turns into a two-track at the top of a hill (where a slightly better road goes east). After about five miles, you leave the firing range, cross Boxelder Creek, and get a great view of the Sheep Mountain buttress to the east. Just after crossing the creek is the junction with the Patton Creek Road.