Section 1: Trip Eight

Glendo to Keeline on the Spanish Diggings Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.500616, -105.024837
     Ending: 42.759481, -104.796386
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This trip begins by taking the Glendo Park Road on the sourth side of Glendo and heading east. After passing by the marina and Two Moons Campground, the road crosses the dam (seven miles from town) and turns north. Six miles from the dam is the turnoff to Sandy Beach and a junction with the Patton Creek Road going southeast to Guernsey (see page 25). Here you can see Laramie Peak to the west, Sheep Mountain to the east, and just north of Sheep Mountain is Cedar Top.

Continuing north, the road crosses Cottonwood Creek to a junction with the Meadowdale Road. Here a side road turns west to the state park. Turn east on the Meadowdale Road and, after climbing a small hill, you can see Pin Top behind Cedar Top. The pointed butte just off to the south is called Horsetooth.

At the base of Cedar Top is another junction. Here you can continue east (past the Hogback on the north) for five miles to W-270 at mile #518 at Meadowdale.

Turn north on the Cedar Top Road. Five miles down the road is a junction with the Flat Top Road. Here you can turn east for four miles to a junction with the Jireh Road. There you can either continue east two miles to W-270, or you can turn north for 11 miles to US-20 east of Keeline.

Stay north on the Flat Top Road and you cross Muddy Creek after five miles. Three miles further is another small junction. Here a dirt road turns northwest for 10 miles to Lost Springs and US-20 at mile #15. Turn east for two miles and then north Spanish Diggings Road for four miles to US-20 at mile #22, two miles west of Keeline.

Cedar Top and Pin Top near the junction of the Spanish Diggings/Meadowdale Road.