Section 1: Trip Seven

The Grayrocks Road from Guernsey to Wheatland


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.260028, -104.741774
     Ending: 42.100331, -104.949227
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This trip begins by turning off US-26 in Guernsey. You go south on Wyoming Avenue and just after crossing the North Platte River, you pass by a road going west to the Oregon Trail Ruts (nice little stop).

Continue east along the river for two miles to the turnoff to Register Cliffs (another nice little stop). Here the road swings south. After one mile you pass by the Tank Farm Road (going east to Fort Laramie) and you begin traveling across the Bettelyoun Flats. Five miles further, you drop down to the Laramie River and the road begins to climb up again.

Two miles from the river crossing, you pass by the Fort Laramie Road (R-54) going east. One mile further is another junction. Here you can continue south to the Deer Creek Road. There you can either go east to Lingle or west to Wheatland (see page 22).

Turn west toward Laramie Peak on the Grayrocks Road and you drop down along the reservoir for about seven miles. The road then follows along the Laramie River for three miles to Chugwater Creek. Here the road swings around the power plant and hits the North Wheatland Highway (six miles). Turn south for two miles to Wheatland.

One of the interesting stops along this route is the Register Cliffs Historical Site.