Section 1: Trip Six

The Antelope Gap-Deer Creek Road from Wheatland to Lingle


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.054409, -104.949248
     Ending: 42.131998, -104.346931
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This trip begins by taking I-25 exit #78 into Wheatland. Turn north on 16th Street and then east on South Street. After four blocks the road swings north on 9th Street to a stop light. Turn east on Gilchrist and take W-316 across the tracks out of town.

The Antelope Gap Road (W-316) goes past the airport and crosses Chugwater Creek. The road then makes a long climb up a hill and goes past some bluffs to a junction at mile #8. Here the South Gap Road turns south to Slater (see page 21).

Continue up the hill on W-316. After passing through Antelope Gap you come to a junction at mile #12. Here the Dickinson Hill Road turns southeast to Yoder and Veteran.

Turn north on the Deer Creek Road and you pass by the head of Eagle Nest Canyon off to the west. Here you can see Laramie Peak to the northwest and to the far west is Collins Peak and Britania Mountain. The road does a bit of zig-zagging for the next few miles to a junction. Here you can take the Guernsey Road north toward the Haystack Range for four miles to pavement again. There you can either head back to Wheatland on the Grayrocks Road, or continue north to Guernsey or Fort Laramie (see page 23).

Continue east for one mile and the road swings northeast where the pavement ends. The road travels above the Deer Creek Breaks for two miles and then drops down to the creek (nice area). The road climbs back up again and passes by some chalk buttes. You then travel east across Harmony Heights to pavement.

The road does some more zig-zagging and drops down a bit to W-157 on the London Flats. If you turn north here, the road crosses the North Platte River and then hits US-26 at mile #33, between Fort Laramie and Lingle. If you turn east on W-157, the road crosses the North Platte River and then hits W-156 in Lingle at the junction of US-85 and US-26.

Paul and Tim, Wyoming natives from Cheyenne, check out the Oregon Trail Ruts near Guernsey.