Section 1: Trip Five

Silver Tip west to Slater on the Mers Hill Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.914547, -104.266867
     Ending: 41.871624, -104.873765
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This trip begins by turning off US-85 (mile #82) at Silver Tip. As you head west toward Goshen Hole Rim on W-152, you can see Laramie Peak to the northwest and Sixtysix Mountain off to the southeast. After one mile you pass Yoder and come to a junction at mile #2. Here W-154 continues west and then north to Veteran.

Turn south on W-152 and at mile #3 the road swings west across the railroad tracks. After crossing the tracks, the road turns south one mile to another junction. Here W-153 goes east one mile where the pavement ends. There you can take R-37 through the Springer Wildlife Unit to US-85.

Turn west on W-152 and you can see Keseler Gap to the south (between Bear Mountain on the west and Castle Rocks on the east). At mile #10 the pavement ends and you continue west on a gravel road. After about seven miles, you pass Glomill Lake off to the north. Two miles further the road crosses Box Elder Creek and you can see Needle Rock along the rim to the southeast.

Here the road swings around to the northwest and climbs up Mers Hill. On top you have a good view of Goshen Hole to the east and the Laramie Mountains to the west. The road travels west across Slater Flats and joins W-314 (five miles). Two miles further is a junction. Here W-315 turns northwest on the Bordeaux Road to I-25 at exit #70. Along this route you can also take the South Gap Road north to Wheatland (see page 22).

Also at this junction, you can turn south on the Pioneer Road. Along this route, the road travels across the Chugwater Flats for nine miles to W-313. There you can turn east to Chugwater and I-25 at exit #54.

Continuing west on W-314, the road drops down off the rim to a junction with the South Gap Road going north to Wheatland. Wyoming-314 then crosses Chugwater Creek and the tracks at Slater. Along here you can see Chimney Rock to the south. After two miles you cross Richeau Creek and hit I-25 at exit #65.

The short trip to the top of Mers Hill offers a good view of Goshen Hole to the north and around to the east.