Section 1: Trip Four

The Bear Creek Road from I-25 to LaGrange


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.653483, -104.837144
     Ending: 41.645871, -104.240884
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This trip begins by turning off I-25 at exit #47 and going east on the Bear Creek Road. After three miles the paved Windmill Road turns north for six miles to W-313. Turn south and then east where the dirt road drops down along the creek. This is now the Marsh Road (R-245) in Laramie County. After about four miles the road climbs up a bit and five miles further it makes a little jog to the north to a junction. Here you can see Laramie Peak to the northwest. At this junction you can take the County Line Road (R-1) north seven miles to W-313 at mile #109.

Continue east and the road once again drops down along the creek and begins traveling through a shallow canyon. The trees in this area are boxelder, cottonwood, and peachleaf willow. On this stretch of road is the Griffin-Gardener House National Historic Site. After seven miles you pass by a road going north and the canyon begins to narrow. (Pretty drive through here.)

After crossing the creek a couple of times, the pavement begins and the valley begins to widen. A few miles further you can see Keseler Gap to the north (between Castle Rocks on the left and Bear Mountain on the right). As the road swings by the base of Bear Mountain, you can see Pine Bluff to the far east. Nine miles from the beginning of the pavement is the Horse Creek Station on US-85 at mile #63. Here you can now see Sixtysix Mountain to the northeast.

The Griffin-Gardener House National Historic Site is about half way between I-25 and US-85 on the Bear Creek Road.