Section 1: Trip Three

The State Line Road from Cheyenne east to Pine Bluffs


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Beginning: 41.044335, -104.788017
     Ending: 41.175666, -104.062758
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This trip begins by taking I-80 exit #362 and going south on US-85 toward Greeley, Colorado. After passing by W-223 (going west), you turn east at mile #3 on to the Chalk Bluff Road. You follow along above Porter Draw (on the north) and go past wheat fields and across the rolling prairie for eight miles. Here the pavement ends and the road turns north across the draw for one mile, and then back to the east again. This is "straight as an arrow" country and you see a lot of Lark Buntings, Horned Larks, and Meadowlarks. There are also big thunderheads in the late afternoon.

After traveling east on the dirt for four miles, you hit pavement at a junction. Here Rd-138 goes north four miles to Campstool. Stay east on Rd-203 for three miles and the road makes a jog to the southeast at another junction. Here you can take Rd-141 north one mile, west one mile, and then north again on W-217 to I-80 at exit #377.

Continue east on Rd-203 and after about two miles the road drops over a rim. Five miles further you cross Crow Creek and come to a junction. Here W-214 goes north from Carpenter to I-80 at exit #386.

Continue east on Rd-203 for two miles to where the pavement turns south toward Colorado. Here you continue east on Rd-203 (dirt) toward the Pine Bluffs. After about three miles, Rd-154 goes north to I-80 (exit #391) near Egbert.

Continue east for seven more miles and Rd-203 ends at the base of Pine Bluffs. You now turn north on Rd-161 (paved) for three miles to Rd-206. At this point you have two exciting options for going to Pine Bluffs (city) one is a creek crossing and the other is a climb over something high.

If you continue north on Rd-161, the road crosses Muddy Creek and after four miles it turns east along I-80. Three miles further you hit US-30 in Pine Bluffs. There you can turn south on Parson Street to I-80 exit #401.

For the more challenging route, turn east on Rd-206 and head toward a cut in the Pine Bluffs (two miles). The road follows along the top for one mile where Rd-206 ends. Here you turn north on the paved Rd-164 and continue along the top for another five miles. The road then drops down to Pine Bluffs (the city). There you can continue north on Beech Street to US-30 and west to Parson Street and I-80.

The Hognose Snake is a cute and harmless little snake and is erroneously called a "sand viper" by some of the locals. This snake is found in the sandy soils of this area.