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Section 1: Trip Two

The State Line Road from Pine Bluffs north to Torrington


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Beginning: 41.176682, -104.075820
     Ending: 42.028693, -104.185651

This trip begins by taking I-80 exit #401 into Pine Bluffs. Just after the exit, you head west on W-215 and then north out of town. At mile #1 the road crosses Lodgepole Creek and begins to climb up a bit. The road then travels north along the top of a pancake (wheat fields and flat). At mile #15 the road makes an unprecedented jog to the west and then north again to a junction at mile #17. Here you can turn west on W-216 to Albin.

Continue north on Rd-162. After four miles the road swings northwest and drops over a rim. Along here you can see Steamboat Rock in the foreground to the west and above it is Flattop and Round Top. To the northwest is Bear Mountain and to the north is Sixtysix Mountain. This is a nice area along here and the trees are ponderosa pine and cedar.

As you drop down the rim, Bushnell Creek is on the west and Stinking Creek is on the east. When the road crosses Stinking Creek at the bottom, you can see a large, vegetated sand dune off to the west. After about three miles, you pass Nine-mile Hill off to the east and the Horse Creek drainage is off to the west. Three miles further you can see Nine-mile Rock to the east. After five more miles you hit W-151 at mile #6 east of LaGrange.

Turn west on W-151 (toward Bear Mountain) and at mile #4 you enter LaGrange. Here you can continue west on W-151 to US-85. To continue on the State Line Road to Torrington, turn north on Second Avenue before crossing Horse Creek. After passing by the school, you turn west for one block and then north out of town on the paved R-51.

After three miles the pavement ends and Hawk Springs Reservoir is to the west. As the road passes by the cliffs of Sixtysix Mountain, you can see Needle Rock and Goshen Hole Rim to the far west. A bit further north is a junction. Here you can turn west on R-28 for six miles and hit US-85 at mile #70 south of Hawk Springs. You can also turn northwest for seven miles on this road to Hawk Springs.

Turn east on R-28 and after two miles you pass Three Tubs. As you pass Double Hump (four more miles), the road turns north along the state line on C-1. (Do not turn east again in 100 yards.) Here you can see Laramie Peak to the far northwest and to the near northeast is Eagle Nest. You are now actually in Nebraska, but the scenery is not that much different than in Wyoming 20 feet to the west.

As you travel north, the road crosses Robb Draw after one mile, and in two more miles you pass by a road (R-32) going west to Hawk Springs and US-85. Continue north across the Laramie Canal (two miles) and two miles further you hit W-158 at mile #8.

Turn west on W-158 for three miles and then north past Togy Mound and Table Mountain. Just after crossing Horse Creek is the junction with W-92. The road east goes to Lyman, Nebraska.

Turn west on W-92 and after making a couple of zig-zags, you come to a junction at Huntley. Wyoming #161 goes seven miles west to US-85 (mile #82) at Silver Tip. Stay on W-92 past Huntley and in eight miles you hit US-85 at mile #91, just south of Torrington.

This is one of the more common types of silos found in the area. The military keeps their produce in underground silos.