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Section 1: Trip Ten

The Silver Springs - Rawhide Buttes Road from Lusk south to Guernsey or Fort Laramie


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.747661, -104.485677
     Ending: 42.218889, -104.518003

This trip begins by turning off US-20 at mile #39 on the west side of Lusk. As you head south toward Rawhide Buttes on the Silver Springs Road, you can see the Wanker Hills off to the west. Five miles from the highway, you begin passing by small buttes and stands of ponderosa pine. The road then climbs up a bit to a small divide and overlook (four miles). Here you can see Rawhide Buttes to the southeast, the Haystack Range to the south, and the Wild Cat Hills to the southwest. About three miles from this overlook you cross Rawhide Creek. (Nice drive through this area.)

Four miles from the creek crossing is the first main junction. The road east crosses the creek to another junction in one mile. There, choice one takes the road (R-7) going southeast through an auto-gate. That road then follows along Rawhide Creek for eight miles and crosses J M Creek to US-85 at mile #129. Choice two takes the road (R-3) going northeast and around the base of Rawhide Butte for four miles. You then turn north for three miles and hit US-85 at mile #139.

Back at the first main junction, turn west for about 200 yards and the Rawhide Butte Road begins making a series of turns to the southwest toward the Haystack Range. After about five miles you cross Muskrat Creek. Three miles further is the second main junction (option to Fort Laramie).

If you turn east for five miles (and go past a small road going south), the road crosses Muskrat Creek again to another junction. There, choice one takes the road (R-8) continuing east along the creek for six miles to Jay Em and US-85 at mile #127. Choice two takes the lane (no maintenance) south for four miles to a junction where a side road goes east to US-85 at mile #124. If you continue south for two and a half miles, you come to another junction. There you can take the pavement south for 12 miles to North Laramie Avenue and US-26 at Fort Laramie. (You can also take the pavement west for three miles and then turn northwest around Round Top to rejoin the road going to Guernsey.)

Back at the second main junction and going toward Guernsey, you continue south and west on the main road for two miles to a small road heading west toward the Whalen Range. Stay southwest for three more miles to the old Rawhide Stage Station and a junction with the road from Fort Laramie (via Round Top). Turn west here on the Whalen Canyon Road (R-10) and after about three miles you pass through the Hell Gap area and travel south through a small canyon. After eight miles you hit W-270 at mile #498. Here you can go north to Manville. Turn south on W-270 for three miles and you hit US-26 at mile #1, just east of Guernsey.

The old Rawhide Stage Station is just south of the option to Fort Laramie.