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Section 1: Trip One

The Burns Cutoff Road from I-80 north to US-85


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.159469, -104.349491
     Ending: 41.441774, -104.346133

This trip begins by taking I-80 exit #386. Here you can turn south on W-214 to Carpenter and the State Line Road (see page 19). For the cutoff to US-85, take W-213 north across North Fork Muddy Creek to Burns at mile #2. The old trip traveled north on a dirt road but now the new W-213 route crosses the tracks and climbs up a small hill. (So that equals 8,000 miles of dirt minus about 20 miles.)

After about two miles, the road crosses Lodgepole Creek and you can see the Laramie Mountains to the west. As you continue north, the road crosses Spring Creek (two miles) and Antelope Draw (two more miles). About four miles further, you cross Chivington Draw and in five more miles, you hit W-216. Here you can turn east to Albin (12 miles), go west to US-85 at mile #43 (three miles), or you can continue north to US-85 at mile #47 (two miles).

If you get out and knock about for a bit, you're likely to see one of these little Earless Lizards basking in the sun or scampering between small rocks, cactus, and yucca plants.