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Section 12: Trip Nine

The Skull Creek Road from Osage northeast to Four Corners


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 43.983443, -104.420069
     Ending: 44.119773, -104.198846

This trip begins by turning off US-16 at mile #234 and going into Osage. After heading north into town, you turn east just before climbing a small hill. Here the Skull Creek Road (W-14) crosses the tracks and turns northeast. Along this stretch you can see Inyan Kara to the north and Northwestern Table to the east. The road follows along a ridge above Skull Creek and you pass by the Seeley Road (going east) and the East Upton Road (going west).

The road then drops down into a small valley for about five miles to a junction. Here you can take the Green Mountain Road (W-11) north and then east to W-585 at mile #8 north of Four Corners, or you can go north and then northwest to W-116 at mile #17 north off Upton (see page 174).

Stay northeast and then east on the Skull Creek Road and you pass Mount Tom (off to the north) after three miles. The road crosses the creek a couple of times and climbs past the base of Star Butte to a junction. Here you can take the Oil Creek Road (W-10) south to Newcastle (see page 173).

Continue east for two more miles and you hit W-585 at mile #4, four miles northwest of US-85 at Four Corners. Here you can see Sweetwater Mountain and Northwestern Table to the south and to the southeast is Mount Pisgah.

Star Butte near the junction with the Oil Creek Road.