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Section 12: Trip Eight

The Green Mountain - Dry Creek cutoff from W-585 to W-116


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Beginning: 44.165801, -104.228976
     Ending: 44.169287, -104.470257

This trip begins by turning off W-585 at mile #8, northwest of Four Corners. Here you can see Sweetwater Mountain and Northwestern Table to the south and Iron Mountain to the north. Rising above the hill to the northwest is Inyan Kara.

The Green Mountain Road (W-11) heads west toward Mount Tom and goes around the southern base of Strawberry Hill. After passing by the base Strawberry Hill, you climb up to a good view of Mount Tom to the southwest and Inyan Kara to the northwest. The road passes between these two mountains and then swings south along West Fork Skull Creek to a junction. Here you can continue south on the Green Mountain Road (W-11) and hit the Skull Creek Road (W-14, one mile). There you can either loop back to W-585 or continue south to US-16 at Osage (see page 175).

Turn west on the Dry Creek Road (W-13) and you cross West Fork Skull Creek and climb over a small divide. The road then swings north and drops down along Dry Creek. After seven miles you hit W-116 at mile #17.

Two of my favorite little people, Zachary and Lauren, feeding the chickens. Life is good.