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Section 12: Trip Seven

Newcastle to Four Corners and back on the Beaver - Oil Creek Road


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Beginning: 43.813396, -104.108494
     Ending: 43.886602, -104.311913

This trip begins by turning off US-16 at mile #254, five miles east of Newcastle. As you head north on the Stockade Beaver Creek Road (W-6), you follow along the creek and pass LAK Reservoir after one mile. This beautiful drive travels through a canyon lined with pine, cedar, cottonwood, and boxelder trees. Three miles from US-16, you come to a junction. Here you can take the Beaver Creek Cutoff (W-9) west and join the Salt Creek Road from Newcastle to Cambria.

Continue north along the creek and during the next seven miles, you cross numerous small canyons that come in from the east. The main canyon then widens to a small valley and swings northeast for a bit. The road climbs up to Canyon Springs Prairie where you can see Mount Pisgah to the west. After traveling along top for one mile, you come to a junction. Here the road east (W-4) drops down a steep hill to the Mallo Camp. There you can travel through a terrific canyon into the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Turn west on W-4 for two miles and you hit US-85 at mile #247 at Four Corners. At this junction, you can see Red Butte to the south (and west a bit from Mount Pisgah), Sweetwater Mountain and Northwestern Table are to the southwest, and to the west is Mount Tom. To the northwest, rising above Strawberry Hill, is Inyan Kara. Here you can take US-85 south to Newcastle or north to Buckhorn.

Turn northwest on W-585 to a junction at mile #4. Here you can continue north on W-585 to Sundance. Turn west on the Skull Creek Road (W-14) and after two miles you come to another junction. Here you can continue west on the Skull Creek Road to Osage or Upton (see page 175).

Turn south on the Oil Creek Road (W-10) and you travel along Oil Creek through a wide canyon, toward the edge of Northwestern Table. After about four miles, you pass by the Ertman Road (W-15) going east to US-85 and the main road south then crosses Red Creek. You now have a nice drive through some breaks, and travel past several small buttes and draws. Twelve miles from the Red Creek crossing is a junction. Here the Plumb Creek Road (W-30) turns northeast and joins US-85 at mile #239 (10 miles). Continue south on the Oil Creek Road and after three miles you hit US-16 at mile #242, five miles west of Newcastle.

Mamie, John, and Wes ice fishing and throwing washers at LAK reservoir.