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Section 12: Trip Six

The Morrissey Road from Newcastle south to Mule Creek Junction


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Beginning: 43.850344, -104.245970
     Ending: 43.437247, -104.200647

This trip begins by turning off US-16 at mile #246, between Newcastle and W-450. The Morrissey Road (W-3) follows Oil Creek south across the grasslands. About eight miles of town, you can look back to the north and see Jumbo Table, Sweetwater Mountain and Mount Pisgah. To the northeast is Summit Ridge and to the east is Elk Mountain and Wildcat Peak. Six miles further south is the Beaver Creek crossing, and as you cross South Beaver Creek (two more miles), you can see Rattlesnake Ridge to the far southeast.

After climbing to the top of a small bench, you can now see Alkali Butte to the west. The road turns south again and after four more miles you drop down a bit to a junction on Robbers Roost Creek. Here the Hutt Road (W-29) turns east to the Cheyenne River Road and US-85. Stay south for three miles to the next junction. Here the Cheyenne River Road turns east to US-85 at mile #207 (see page 170).

Continue south for two miles where you cross Alkali Creek to a junction near Morrisey. Here the Cheyenne River Road turns west toward US-59. On this route you can go north to Clareton, west to Bill, or south Lance Creek (see page 170 and page 171).

Stay south across Coyote Creek on the Roxson Road (W-73) and then west toward the Cheyenne River. The road then travels through some breaks and past table rock, draws, and buttes for about the next five miles to the county line. The road (N-6) swings south again and follows along the cottonwood lined Cheyenne River for six miles to the top of Sheldon Hill.

After traveling across the top of Sheldon Hill, the road turns east across Seven-mile Creek and climbs up through some more breaks and past the Dutch Joe Road going south. After traveling east for nine miles to the top of Bridle Bit Hill, you "zig-zag-zig" to the northeast for about 10 miles to US-85 at mile #200, just north of Mule Creek Junction and the Cheyenne River Bridge.

Although the Cheyenne River is usually only a trickle, it does add a bit of fringe and lace to the land.