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Section 12: Trip Five

Clareton to Lance Creek on the Bruce - North Lance Creek Road


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Beginning: 43.707147, -104.689468
     Ending: 43.055309, -104.612446

This trip begins by turning off W-450 (mile #25) between Newcastle and Reno Junction. As you head south on the Bruce Road (W-7C), you go by Clareton (just off to the west) and pass by the Darlington Road going east. As you continue south (past numerous OFR's), the road crosses Wildcat Creek after five miles. You then climb over a small divide and drop down to a junction at Black Thunder Creek. Here you can go east on the Cheyenne River Road to US-85 (see page 170).

Stay southwest on W-54 and after crossing the creek, you come to an unmarked junction (one half mile). Here the Dixon Road heads south across the Cheyenne River (no bridge though) and connects with the North Lance Creek Road in Niobrara County.

Turn west on the main road and you pass by the Sears Road (W-55, dead end) and follow along a divide to the west and above the Cheyenne River. Nine miles from the Sears Road is a junction. Here you can head north to W-450 on the Lynch Road (W-7A), or west to the Rochelle Hills on the Keyton Road.

Turn south on the Lynch Road toward the Miller Hills. After five miles you cross the Cheyenne River and enter Converse County to another junction (five more miles). Here you can head west to Dull Center and Bill (see page 169).

Turn east on C-38 and after three miles you enter Niobrara County on the North Lance Creek Road. Eight miles from the county line is a junction with the Slagle Road (N-4, Cow Creek Road). Here you can turn south and rejoin the Lance Creek Road.

Stay east and after three miles you pass by the Dixon Road (N-2) going back north to the river. Stay southeast and you follow along a ridge between Dogie Creek on the west and Spring Creek on the east. After six miles, the road crosses Spring Creek and you follow along Dogie Creek to a junction. Here the Redbird Road (N-11) turns east to US-85. Stay south and after crossing Dogie Creek is a junction where the Wasslrbruger Road (N-13) turns east to US-85.

Continue south and over the ridge to another junction at Cow Creek (two miles). Here the Cow Creek Road (N-3) turns back to the northwest. Continue south across Cow Creek. After two miles you cross Lightning Creek and begin following Lance Creek. (Nice drive.) Along here the Traphagen Road (N-15) runs east to join the Ridge Road. Ten miles south of Lightning Creek, you hit W-272. The road crosses Lance Creek and in two miles, you hit W-270 at mile #121. Here you can go east to US-85 north of Lusk, or you can travel west to Lance Creek and then south to US-20 at Manville.

As with most creeks in eastern Wyoming, the riparian habitat bordering Lighting Creek offers a striking contrast as it travels through the breaks and across the rolling plains.