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Section 12: Trip Three

The Twenty-eight-mile/Cow Creek Road from Lusk to Bill


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.770324, -104.452672
     Ending: 43.232598, -105.259720

This trip begins by turning off US-85 on the north side of Lusk. You turn off on West Daley and then immediately on to North Main where you head north past the cemetery on an old paved road. The broken pavement ends two miles north of Lusk and after about six miles the road drops down through the western edge of the Hat Creek Breaks.

As you continue north, the road begins following Young Woman Creek and at the creek crossing you can see Tim Butte off to the east. The road then climbs up a small bench and you can see the Seaman Hills off to the far east. Four miles from the crossing, you hit W-270 at mile #125. Here you can turn west to Lance Creek and then west to Douglas or south to Manville, or you can travel east to US-85 (20 miles north of Lusk).

Head north on the Ridge Road and after one mile you cross Buck Creek. Here you can see the Old Woman Creek Hills to the east. The road climbs up a bit and follows a divide to the north. Along this stretch, you pass by a couple of ranch roads going east, but stay on top and above the Lance Creek drainage off to the west. Here you can see the Buck Hills to the east, Cow Creek Buttes to the northwest, and to the northeast are the Elk Mountains (Black Hills) in South Dakota. Fourteen miles from W-270 is a small junction where the Traphagan Road turns northwest to connect with the North Lance Creek Road (see page 171). Continue on the Ridge Road to the north for another couple of miles to a junction on Lance Creek. Here you can take the Wasserburger Road east to US-85.

Turn west along Lance Creek on the Wasserburger Road. After three miles you cross Lance Creek and follow Dogie Creek to a junction with the North Lance Creek Road. Here you can go north across the creek to another junction. There you can go east on the Redbird Road to US-85, or continue north to W-450 at Clareton (see page 171).

Turn south over the hill on the North Lance Creek Road and in two miles is a junction at Cow Creek. Here you can continue south to W-270 at Lance Creek.

Turn west and you begin following Cow Creek. After five miles, you pass by Taylor Reservoir and the road climbs up a ridge and turns away from the creek for a couple of miles. You then drop down across a draw and pass by a small road going south. Stay to the northwest for two more miles to another junction. Here the Cow Creek Road (Burke Road) cutoff continues west to C-45 and Bill. This road runs across private land so you will need to ask for permission to trespass.

Turn north on the Cow Creek Road (Slagle Road) for about seven miles to a junction with the North Lance Creek Road (going southeast back to Dogie Creek). Stay to the northwest and after 10 miles you enter Converse County on the Dull Center Road (C-38) and come to a junction with the Lynch Road (C-39). Here you can head north to Clareton (see page 170).

Continue west on C-38 for about six miles and then southwest for 10 miles to a junction with the Steinle Road (C-40). Here you can either continue south and then west to Bill (about 12 miles) on the Dull Center Road (C-38), or you can turn west and then south to Bill (also about 12 miles) on the Steinle Road (C-40).

A little reminder to respect private property.