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Section 12: Trip Eighteen

The Little Missouri Road from Moorcroft to Alzada, Montana


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Beginning: 44.281155, -104.992977
     Ending: 44.982294, -104.422157

This trip begins by taking W-51 west from Moorcroft and turning north on the D Road (C-68, one mile from I-90, exit #153). You go under I-90 and begin following along the west side of the Belle Fourche River. After about four miles, the pavement ends and you leave the river and climb up a bit. Here you can see Inyan Kara to the southeast, Keyhole Reservoir to the east, and the Bear Lodge Mountains to the northeast. You also get occasional glimpses of the Missouri Buttes, a bit west of the Bear Lodge Mountains.

A few miles further north, you can see Pine Ridge to the east and Devils Tower to the northeast. (There are several OFR's in this area so stay on the main road heading north.) About 18 miles from Moorcroft, you cross Cabin Creek to a junction. Here you can stay on the D Road and turn northwest to Weston (31 miles) and Rocky Point.

Continue north on the New Haven Road for four miles to a junction on the Little Missouri River at Oshoto. Here you can turn east on the Cabin Creek Road (C-116) to US-14 at Carlile, or west on the Oshoto Road (C-263) to Weston and Rocky Point (see page 182 and page 183).

Continue north on the New Haven Road, across Good Lad Creek (one mile), and along the Little Missouri River. After seven miles you cross the river and one and a half miles further is a junction. Here you can turn northeast on the New Haven Road to New Haven and Hulett (see page 183).

Stay to the north on the Little Missouri River Road (C-200). After crossing the river two more times, you pass by the Mule Creek Road going southeast to New Haven and Hulett. Continue northeast on C-200 for three more miles and you once again cross the river. (If it's 7:41 pm on the seventh of June, you then head right into the blinding sun for about 100 yards.)

Just after passing by a small lake (two miles), you begin traveling past burr oak, ponderosa pine, and cedar trees. With the rolling hills and tree lined river, it makes for a "plain pretty" drive. About eight miles from the last river crossing, you come to a junction at Bush Creek Reservoir. The Goldie Divide Road (C-32) to the southeast goes past Strawberry Hill and joins the New Haven Road (12 miles) about seven miles north of Hulett.

The road to Alzada (25 miles) continues northeast and travels through a mine reclamation area (so stay on main road). After 16 miles you cross the Little Missouri River again, and four miles further you come to a junction with W-112 at mile #28. Here you can take the road east and hit US-212 at mile #18 (five miles). You can also take W-112 south to Hulett (29 miles) or you can take W-112 north to US-212 at Alzada, Montana (three miles).

Although Devils Tower is better known (eg. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"), the Missouri Buttes are also a prominent feature to this area.