Section 12: Trip Seventeen

The New Haven Road from Hulett west to Weston


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Beginning: 44.678604, -104.601739
     Ending: 44.636932, -105.336026
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This trip begins by turning west off W-112 at mile #1, just north of Hulett. The road travels past pine, oak, cottonwood, aspen, and boxelder, and follows the creek through Moore Canyon to a junction at the top of Moore Hill. Here you can turn north on the Goldie Divide Road (C-32) to the Little Missouri River Road at Bush Creek Reservoir (six miles to Elkhorn Creek and five more miles to the Little Missouri River, see page 184).

Continue west on the New Haven Road for three miles and then south for two miles to another junction. Here the Ewing Road (C-28) crosses Barnard Creek and heads southeast along the ridges for about four miles. That road then drops down to Barlow Creek and turns southeast to W-24 at mile #9, north of Devils Tower.

Turn west and then northwest (past the cemetery) for seven miles to another junction. Here the Mule Creek Road (C-267) goes north past New Haven (one mile) and on over to the Little Missouri River Road (five more miles).

Continue west through an old burn area and the road drops down a steep hill to Hulett Creek. Along here you can see Missouri Buttes and Devils Tower to the south. You continue to drop down to a junction with the Little Missouri River Road near Poison Creek. Here you can turn north on C-200 to Alzada, Montana.

Turn southwest and after one mile you cross the river. Here you can see the Missouri Buttes to the southeast. As you continue south, the road enters an oil field area, so stay on the main road south along the river. After seven miles, you come to a junction at Oshoto. Devils Tower now is off to the east. Here you can turn east on the Cabin Creek Road (C-11) to US-14 at Carlile, or continue south and join the D Road to I-90 at Moorcroft (see page 182 and page 184).

Turn west along Deadman Creek on the Oshoto Road (C-263) for two miles to another junction. Here you can turn south on the D Road going to Moorcroft. Turn northwest on the D Road and after three miles, you cross Good Lad Creek. Four miles further, you come to a junction on Short Prong Prairie Creek. Here you can continue north to Rockypoint (see page 182).

Turn west across the creek on the LA Ranch Road (C-206). After three miles you cross Prairie Creek and enter Campbell County on the Heald-Bergreen Road. You follow along Prairie Creek to the southwest for a bit and then west along Flat Creek. The road drops over a small divide and travels past ponderosa pine and cedar trees. Here the road follows Dry Fork Spring Creek to the next junction (26 miles from Oshoto). Here you can turn north to Rockypoint or south to Soda Wells. At this junction you can see the Mitchell Creek Breaks to the south and to the west is the "Ridge west of the Store" (local name).

Continue west and the road crosses the Little Powder River and you hit W-59 (mile #144) at Weston.

Soda Well near the junction with the Rockpoint Road.