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Section 12: Trip Thirteen

The Warren Peak/Cook Lake Road from Alva south to Sundance


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Beginning: 44.656478, -104.364717
     Ending: 44.394721, -104.417420

This trip begins by turning south off W-24 at mile #30, five miles east of Alva. After about one mile, you enter the national forest and come to a junction. Here the dead end road south (NF-838) follows along Beaver Creek and then crosses the Taylor Divide.

Turn southeast on NF-832 and you cross Beaver Creek and climb up past oak, pine, boxelder, aspen, and birch. (Pretty!) After about five miles you come to another junction. Here a couple of forest service roads turn east for a couple of miles. Turn southwest on NF-830 and the road swings over to a junction with the Farrall/Blacktail Road (NF-843). Here you can turn east and follow North Redwater Creek to Farrall (eight miles) and W-111 (three more miles, see page 178). Also at this junction, you can take the road northwest (NF-842) down to the Cook Lake Campground.

Turn west on NF-843 for one mile and then south along Beaver Creek for about three miles to a junction. Here NF-841 continues along the creek for a few miles.

Stay on NF-843 and take the sharp turn to the west. After two more miles, you come to the next junction. Here the Blacktail Road (NF-849) turns northwest to W-24 south of Hulett. The dead end road going up the hill to the north (NF-838) follows the Taylor Divide back toward Alva.

Turn south on NF-838 toward Sundance and you climb up along Deckelman Ridge and pass through a nice stand of aspen trees. After about three miles is a junction. Here you can take the Lytle Creek Road (NF-847) west to Devils Tower (W-24 at mile #6), or you can take NF-851 and loop back to NF-841 and Beaver Creek.

Continue south for two miles to the pavement near the Warren Peak Fire Lookout. Here you can see Inyan Kara and Sweetwater Mountain to the far south. As you drop down the mountain, you pass by the Reuter Campground (five miles) and travel along the base of the mountain to US-14 at mile #199. Here you can go west to Devils Tower, or east to Sundance and I-90 at exit #185.

The Black Hills offers a blend of eastern and rocky mountain flora. Pictured here is the Paper Birch.