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Section 12: Trip Twelve

The Farrall - Blacktail Road from Beulah west to Hulett


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.544582, -104.100153
     Ending: 44.667757, -104.613086

This trip begins on the west edge of Beulah by taking the Redwater Road (C-115) north and then west from Beulah (I-90, exit #205). The road follows along Redwater Creek for about five miles to a junction with W-111 at mile #5. Here you can go north to W-24 at Aladdin, or south to I-90 at exit #199.

Continue west on NF-843 and after passing by Schoolmarm Butte (on the north), you come to a junction at Farrall. Here you can take the Queens Road south to the Government Valley Road (six miles). From there you can either turn east to I-90 at exit #199, or west to Sundance.

Continue west and you follow along North Redwater Creek to the forest boundary (three miles). Stay on NF-843 and you pass by NF-833 (a loop road going south toward Warren Peak) after three miles. Two miles further is a junction with the Cook Lake Road. Here you can take NF-830 north to W-24 at mile #30 (eight miles, see page 179), or you can take NF-842 down to the Cook Lake Campground.

Continue west on NF-843 for one mile and then south for three miles along Beaver Creek to another junction. Here NF-841 follows along Beaver Creek to the south.

Stay on NF-843 and take the sharp turn to the west. After two more miles, you come to the next junction. Here you can take NF-838 south to Sundance, or you can take the dead end to the north across the Taylor Divide toward Alva.

Turn northwest on NF-849 (Hulett, 17 miles) and you pass by the Winchester and Hershey Creek Roads as you drop down the mountain. The road then follows along Blacktail Creek past stands of Paper Birch, Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, and Bur Oak, and you leave the national forest (five miles from the junction with NF-843). The road continues to follow the creek through a shallow red rock canyon lined with pine and oak. Ten miles further you hit W-24 at mile #14, just south of Hulett. (NF-849 is C-209 on this end.)

While the Black Hills are not noted for backpacking trails, my nephew and nieces (Barbie, Ashley, and Zac) report the day hikes to be of exceptional quality.