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Section 12: Trip Eleven

The Keyhole Reservoir Road from Devils Tower to Moorcroft


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.501067, -104.722508
     Ending: 44.322586, -104.911349

This trip begins by turning off US-14 at mile #179, just west of Devils Tower Junction (W-24 and US-14). As you head south on the Inyan Kara Creek Road (C-268), you can see Missouri Buttes to the northwest and Devils Tower to the north. The trees on the hillsides are cedar and pine, and along the bottoms are cottonwood, boxelder, and a few oaks. After four miles you come to a junction. Here the Inyan Kara Creek Road continues southeast to I-90 at exit #172 (see page 176).

Turn southwest on the McKean Road (C-180) and after crossing Inyan Kara Creek, you begin following the Belle Fourche River. (Nice drive.) After four more miles, you cross Arch Creek where the road climbs up a bit and travels along the top to a junction. Here you can turn west to Keyhole Reservoir.

Continue south on the pavement (C-205) and you pass several more access roads to the reservoir. After traveling on the pavement for four miles, you come to a junction. Here you can see Inyan Kara to the east and the Bear Lodge Mountains to the northeast. At this junction you can turn east on C-93 to the Inyan Kara Road and I-90 at exit #172, or you can continue south over Iron Mountain to I-90 at exit #165.

Turn west on C-93 and you continue to pass by access roads going north to the reservoir (and one road going south to I-90). Nine miles from the junction at Iron Mountain, you hit US-14 at mile #160, five miles north of Moorcroft.

Too many people look for and find only the grand views in Wyoming. As a result, they are often rushing from one place to another with little time to enjoy the more subtle things in life. Take some "real time off" and look for the uniqueness in all that is around you. (Photo courtesy of a House Mouse hitchhiker I had the pleasure of riding and camping with for awhile.)