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Section 11: Trip Nine

Gillette to Arvada on the Echeta Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.297265, -105.530109
     Ending: 44.650947, -106.130707

This trip begins by turning off US-14/W-59 on the west side of Gillette, between I-90 exit #124 and the railroad tracks. Here the Echeta Road travels west along I-90 for a bit and six miles from Gillette is a junction. Here the Montgomery Road turns southwest.

Stay on the Echeta Road and you begin following along the tracks to the northwest. After two miles the road crosses Rawhide Creek and the pavement ends. You travel past some domed hills and then along a ridge between Hay Creek on the north and Wild Horse Creek on the south.

Eight miles from the end of the pavement the road crosses Hay Creek and you begin following Wild Horse Creek. (Nice drive.) After about five miles the road crosses the creek and you can see Twenty-mile Butte to the northeast a bit. You continue along the creek for 10 miles to another crossing and six miles further is the county line (S-293, South Prong Road). Three miles further is a junction. Here the Wild Horse Road (S-38) goes east to US-14 southeast of Spotted Horse.

Turn west on S-38 and across Wild Horse Creek. You follow along the tracks (past Tincom Butte off to the south) for five miles to the next junction. Here S-40 turns north to US-14.

Continue west across the Powder River and to a junction in Arvada. Here you can turn south along the river on the Powder River Road to Buffalo (see page 162 and page 165). Continue north on W-341 for three miles to US-14 at mile #55.

Avoid being gored when photographing wildlife such as this "bull pumping unit". Either use a telephoto lens or include background scenery to keep your distance.