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Section 11: Trip Five

Sheridan to Clearmont on the Dutch Creek Road


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Beginning: 44.806458, -106.926568
     Ending: 44.618483, -106.408238

This trip begins by taking I-90 exit #23 and going east from Sheridan on W-336. At mile #3 you cross Prairie Dog Creek and pass by the Lower Prairie Dog Creek Road going north to Decker, Montana. At mile #5 you cross Wildcat Creek and three miles further you cross Dutch Creek. Here you can see Hazel Peak to the south and the Bighorn Mountains to the west. You then pass Wyarno and the pavement ends at mile #11. Here you can continue east on S-42 to US-14 at Leiter (see page 158).

Turn southeast on the Dutch Creek Road (S-161) and you follow the creek through a small valley. Along this stretch, you pass by plum, boxelder, cottonwood, and peachleaf willow trees on the bottom land. On the hillsides are ponderosa pine and cedar. Five miles from W-336 is a junction. Here S-151 turns south along Dow Prong Creek to US-14 between Sheridan and Ucross.

Stay southeast on S-161 and you begin following along the East Fork Prong Creek and then the Middle Fork. The road continues through the valley for about nine miles and then climbs over a ridge to a junction at Ulm. Here S-195 goes south to US-14 at Ucross. Turn north across the railroad tracks to a junction with the Ulm Road. Here you can take S-42 northwest back to Wyarno.

Turn east on S-42 and the road follows along Lone Tree Creek. After five miles you cross Ash Draw and then Pinhead Creek (three more miles). One mile further you hit US-14 at mile #36 just west of Clearmont.

This old jail in Clearmont is some sort of historical site, but I couldn't find any information about it. I checked with the Post Office and a couple of people on the streets, but they didn't seem to know much about it (and mayor seemed to be missing). I did run across one old guy who was confined in the jail many years ago, but he didn't want his picture taken because he didn't want to be recognized.