Section 11: Trip Four

The Buffalo Creek Road from Leiter to Sheridan


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.717906, -106.268732
     Ending: 44.806458, -106.926568
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This trip begins by turning off US-14 at mile #47 at Leiter. One mile north on the Passaic Road (S-255), you cross Clear Creek to a junction. Here you can turn east on S-70 and hit US-14 at mile #51. Stay to the north and the road climbs over a ridge to another junction at Buffalo Creek (four miles). Here you can continue north on S-255 to Otter and Ashland, Montana.

Turn west on the Buffalo Creek Road (S-86). The road follows along the creek and crosses Hay Creek (three miles). You then pass the Foster Buttes (off to the south) and continue along Buffalo Creek. The trees in this area are cottonwood, boxelder, and peachleaf willow. Twelve miles from Hay Creek, the road climbs to the top of a divide. (Nice little valley drive.) Here you have a good view of the Badger Hills to the north and the Bighorn Mountains to the west.

The road drops down along SR Creek to a junction in seven miles. Here S-183 turns north for a few miles. Stay west for four more miles to the next junction. Here you can turn south on S-42 to Ulm and then US-14 at Ucross or Clearmont.

Continue west on S-42 and after passing by S-157 going north, you join W-336 at a junction. Here you can go south on S-161 to Clearmont (see page 159). Stay west on W-336 and you pass Wyarno after one mile. The road travels past Hazel Peak off to the south and at mile #8 you cross Dutch Creek. Three miles further is Wildcat Creek and you come to a junction at mile #4. Here the Lower Prairie Dog Creek Road (S-1211) turns north to Decker, Montana. Stay west across Prairie Dog Creek to I-90 exit #23 at Sheridan.

Many a pheasant like this was an evening meal for me while I was attending the junior college at Sheridan.