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Section 11: Trip Three

Glenrock to W-59 on the Highland Loop Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.870632, -105.867895
     Ending: 43.040874, -105.264851

This trip begins by turning off Birch Street (US-20) on the west side of Glenrock and going north on W-95. After about three blocks, you cross the North Platte River and begin traveling on the Monkey Mountain Road. The road climbs to the top of Monkey Mountain where you can see Casper Mountain and Muddy Mountain to the southwest. To the south are the Laramie Mountains. Two miles from the river bridge is a junction where C-23 turns west to Rolling Hills.

Continue northeast on W-95 through a stand of windmills. At mile #7 you cross Sand Creek and climb to the top of a divide called "On Top Of The World". The road then swings east across Little Sand Creek to a junction at mile #16. Here you can see Laramie Peak to the south. At this junction the Leuenberger Lane (C-26) turns south and hits the Tank Farm Road (see page 156).

Continue east on W-95 for three miles to another junction. Here you can take W-93 south to Douglas, or you can take the Ross Road to the northwest (see page 155).

Turn north on W-93 and at mile #20 you cross Sage Creek. A bit further, you travel across the Taylor Flats to a junction where W-93 ends. Here you can continue north for a few miles on the Willow Creek Road (C-33). Turn east on the Highland Loop Road (C-32) for two miles to another junction. Here you can continue on the pavement to a mine site.

Turn north on C-32 and after two miles the road turns east across the Highland Flats. Along this stretch, you can see the Rochelle Hills to the northeast. Seven miles after leaving the pavement, the road drops over a rim and travels through Bobbie Draw and an oil field area. Five miles further, you cross Box Creek and the road begins to zig-zag to the south and to the east. Ten miles from Box Creek, you hit W-59 at mile #22 just north of the Lightning Creek Bridge.

My cousins A.W. and ManDee with their cow dog Sugar.