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Section 11: Trip Two

Douglas to Glenrock on the Tank Farm Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.762956, -105.407045
     Ending: 42.827730, -105.798919

This trip begins by taking W-93 northwest toward Fort Fetterman (accessed from the west side of Douglas near I-25 exit #140). As you climb Water Tank Hill, you can see Chalk Buttes to the near south and to the far south is Laramie Peak. The road follows along I-25 for a bit and then along the North Platte River. At mile #7, the Inez Road (C-29) turns west across LaPrele Creek to I-25. You then pass by Fort Fetterman and cross the river to a junction at mile #10. Here you can continue north to Ross.

Turn west on the Tank Farm Road (C-27). After one mile you pass by the Orpha Road (C-28) going back to the river bridge. Continue west along the river and toward Casper Mountain (to the far west). After about three miles, you cross Sage Creek and the road travels along between the floodplain on the south and some small hills on the north.

Five miles after crossing Sage Creek is a junction. Here you can see Muddy Mountain to the southwest (south of Casper Mountain) and the Laramie Mountains to the south. At this junction you can take the Leuenberger Lane (C-26) north to W-95. There you can travel east to W-59, or you can go north to W-387 (see page 157).

Continue along the river and you pass by a public hunting and fishing area (one mile). Two miles further, you cross Little Sand Creek and the road winds around through an old oil field area. You then pass another public access area and cross the river.

After two more miles, you hit pavement at the turnoff to the power plant. One mile further you hit US-20, near I-25 exit #160, four miles east of Glenrock.

Holly and Sarah take a break after riding out to Fort Fetterman on their bikes.