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Section 11: Trip Ten

Sussex to Buffalo on the Sussex - Trabing Road


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Beginning: 43.721072, -106.299675
     Ending: 44.235667, -106.683416

This trip begins at W-192 mile marker #18, just north of Sussex and the Powder River Bridge. As you head north on the Lower Sussex Road (J-76), you cross Four-mile Creek where you can see Pine Ridge to the southeast, Pumpkin Buttes to the northeast, and the Bighorn Mountains to the west. The road follows along the Powder River and after five miles you pass Cantonment Reno and cross Soldier Creek to a junction at the end of the pavement. Here you can take the Nine Mile Road (Bozeman Trail, J-13A) northwest to Buffalo.

Stay northeast along the river for two miles to the Fort Reno Site Monument. Here you can see Table Mountain off to the east. The road continues along the river and after about five miles you cross Nine-mile Creek. The road then climbs up a bit and travels along a ridge and through the Powder River Breaks.

Three miles from Nine-mile Creek is School Section Draw and two miles further is a junction. Here the Irigaray Road (J-172) turns east across the river.

Turn northwest on the Irigaray Road and you follow along a divide toward the Bighorn Mountains. After seven miles, you pass by the Faixa Road (J-190) turning northeast and then the Iberlin 4-Mile Road turning north. Continuing northwest, the road passes by Goble Reservoir in Goble Draw and, after three more miles, you cross South Fork Four-mile Creek. The road then swings west to a junction (five miles). Here you can turn south back to Sussex on the Nine Mile Road (Bozeman Trail, J-13A).

Turn northwest and you can see Robinson Canyon (Middle Fork Crazy Woman Creek) to the west. After five miles, you cross Trabing Dry Creek to the next junction. Here you can go south on the Buffalo Sussex Cutoff Road (J-86) for seven miles to another junction. There you can continue south to W-192 west of Sussex, or you can turn southwest to I-25 north of Kaycee.

Stay to the northwest on the Trabing Road (J-13) where you cross Crazy Woman Creek and pass by Trabing Reservoir. Seven miles further, you begin following Wallows Creek and pass by the Cook Road going north to I-90 exit #65. After four more miles, you hit I-25 at exit #291, seven miles south of Buffalo. Here you can see Kingsbury Ridge to the northwest, Sisters Hill to the west, and Crazy Woman Canyon to the southwest.

A "string" of tethered range bikes graze while the young wranglers learn the 3-R's.