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Section 11: Trip One

The Ross Road from Douglas to Nowhere


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Beginning: 42.762956, -105.407045
     Ending: 43.490015, -105.921580

This trip begins by taking W-93 northwest toward Fort Fetterman (accessed from the west side of Douglas near I-25 exit #140). As you climb Water Tank Hill, you can see Chalk Buttes to the near south and to the far south is Laramie Peak. The road follows along I-25 for a bit and then along the North Platte River. At mile #7, the Inez Road (C-29) turns west across LaPrele Creek to I-25. One mile further is the Fort Fetterman turnoff and at mile #9 you cross the river to a junction. Here you can turn west on the Tank Farm Road (C-27) to Glenrock.

Stay north and as you pass Gilbert Lake (mile #13) you can see Casper Mountain to the west and the Laramie Mountains to the southwest. At mile #15 the road crosses Sage Creek and at mile #18 is a junction with W-95 going southwest to Glenrock. Stay north for 100 yards to the next junction. Here you can continue north and then east on W-93 to W-59 at mile #22 south of Bill (see page 157).

Turn northwest on the Ross Road (C-31) and you begin following Sage Creek. After crossing the creek (five miles), the road travels along Frank Draw and climbs to the top of Blizzard Heights (Sage Creek Divide). You then drop down through Holdup Hollow and begin traveling across the rolling plains.

After about five miles, the road crosses Spring Creek and you follow it through Harland Flats to the Cheyenne River where the pavement ends. The road then climbs over the Cheyenne River Divide and drops down to a junction at Bear Creek. (Southwest a bit is where my Grandparents homesteaded.) Here the Jenne Trail Road (C-34) turns northeast to W-59 at mile #49 north of Bill.

Continue northwest on the Ross Road to the old Bear Creek Store (my Great Uncle ran this place years ago). One mile north of the store, the road crosses Stinking Water Gulch and Stinking Water Creek (one more mile). The road then climbs over a small divide and you can see Pine Ridge to the northwest. A bit further, you cross Sand Creek and Friday Draw.

The road passes by a Bozeman Trail marker and, as you continue northwest on C-31, you can see Pumpkin Buttes ahead in the distance. Three miles from the trail marker is Antelope Creek, and four miles further you cross Wind Creek at Ross, forty-five miles from W-93. After leaving Ross, the road follows along a divide for three miles where C-31 ends just before entering Campbell County. This is where the trip ends. The road north enters private property for about eight miles and the gate just before reaching W-387 could be locked.