Section 10: Trip Six

The Hyattville Road from Manderson to Meadowlark Lake


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.274937, -107.962261
     Ending: 44.168877, -107.248137
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This trip begins by turning off US-20 at mile #185 and taking W-31 east into Manderson. After passing through town, the road crosses the Nowood River and you head toward the Bighorn Mountains. At mile #5, you cross the river again and the road turns southeast through a shallow valley. You continue along the river, past McDermotts Butte, to the next crossing at mile #14. One mile further is a junction. Here you can continue southeast along the river to Ten Sleep on BH-R431/2.

Stay northeast on W-31 and you begin following Paint Rock Creek. At mile #19 the road crosses Alkali Creek and two miles further is another junction. Here the Alkali Creek Road turns north to Shell Canyon or the archeological site (see page 145). Stay on W-31 and the road turns south across Medicine Lodge Creek to Hyattville.

As you leave town, the road crosses Paint Rock Creek and the pavement ends. Continue south on BH-R49 for a half mile to a junction. Here the road (BH-R49) southeast goes to Ten Sleep.

Turn east and the road swings around the base of Cedar Mountain and over a divide to a small junction (six miles). Along this stretch you have good views of the canyons draining the west slope of the Big Horn Mountains. At this junction, the road through Ziesman Canyon turns southwest and joins the Nowood River Road to Ten Sleep.

Stay on the main road to the east, across Buffalo Creek and up the hill. (The next 10 miles to the national forest boundary is a rocky road with a few rough spots.) Along here you have a terrific view of the Paint Rock Creek drainage to the north and the Brokenback Creek drainage to the south. The road continues to climb along this overlook and you begin seeing limber pine and ponderosa pine trees. A bit further you see fir trees and then a few aspen and lodgepole pine in an old burn area. The road now travels along the open top and you enter the national forest on NF-408.

Two miles inside the forest boundary, you cross South Paint Rock Creek to a junction. Here you can go northeast along Soldier Creek to Bellyache Flats.

Turn southeast on NF-24 and you wind around the side of the mountain to another junction in three miles. Here you can turn north along Bald Ridge to the Lily Lake Trailhead. Stay southeast on NF-24 and you drop down past some small ponds to another junction in two miles. Here you can take NF-27 north to West Ten Sleep Lake. Stay southeast on NF-27 and you pass by the Boulder Creek Campground and cross Ten Sleep Creek to hit US-16 at Deerhaven Lodge (mile #44).

Backcountry clothes-drier in use after a terrific hail storm.