Section 10: Trip Four

The Porcupine-Bucking Mule Falls drive and return road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.802912, -107.827963
     Ending: 44.884141, -107.905758
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This little trip begins by turning off US-14A at mile #80. As you head north on the Sheep Mountain Road (NF-14), you can see Roster Hill to the north, northwest is Cone Mountain and Duncum Mountain, and to the west is Medicine Wheel Mountain. To the south is Bald Mountain and to the southeast is Little Bald Mountain. After about one mile, you pass by the Littlehorn Road (NF-125) turning east. Stay to the northwest and you pass by the Burn Mountain Road (NF-134) after a half mile.

Continue northwest and after passing by the Little Bighorn Trailhead, you come to another junction (three miles from US-14A). Here NF-11 climbs up Duncum Mountain to the northwest. Also at this junction, NF-133 turns south to the Porcupine Campground and then NF-13 will take you to US-14A at mile #79.

Continue west on the Devils Canyon Road (NF-14). After about four miles, you pass through part of the Duncum Mountain burn area to a parking area and a trail going down to Porcupine Falls. (It's a steep climb, but the falls are terrific.) Here the road turns back to the north for about three miles to the end of the road at the Bucking Mule Falls Trailhead. Here you can take the trail to Bucking Mule Falls at the head of Devils Canyon. (Nice area.)

Smeagle contemplating the steep climb back from Porcupine Falls.