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Section 10: Trip Two

The Hunt Mountain Road from US-14 to US-14A


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Beginning: 44.644187, -107.503244
     Ending: 44.763353, -107.755115

This little trip begins by turning off US-14 at mile #38. The road (NF-10) heads west along Little Prospect Creek for about two miles to a saddle. Here the road turns northwest along the Continental Divide. The trees in this area are spruce and fir and the rock is Bighorn Dolomite.

There is nothing special about the remainder of the route (ex. there are no waterfalls, major junctions, or lakes). You just have a nice drive along the top of the world for the next 20 miles. You then drop down to US-14A at mile #86.

The Hunt Mountain Road is primarily above timberline and runs for 20 miles along the backbone of the Big Horn Mountains.