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Section 10: Trip Fifteen

The Crazy Woman Canyon Road from US-16 east to I-25


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Beginning: 44.162582, -106.917837
     Ending: 44.187425, -106.699521

This trip begins by turning east off US-16 at mile #64. The road (NF-33) drops down through a steep canyon, past lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine, aspen, and spruce trees. (Very nice drive.) Two miles from the highway is the Canyon Campground. The road then crosses North Fork Canyon Creek and follows it down the canyon below Crazy Woman Mountain. As you continue down this fantastic area, you begin seeing a few cottonwood and fir trees. (Ok, I'll leave you alone for a bit while you enjoy this little drive—just be sure to pay attention and drive carefully.)

After about five miles, you cross the creek and leave the canyon. Here you have a good look at Crazy Woman Mountain back to the west. You continue to follow the creek east for a couple of miles and then pass by the Klondike Road (J-132) going north to Buffalo. Here you can see Sisters Hill to the northwest and to the north is Kingbury Ridge. Continue east for three more miles and you hit US-87 at mile #289. Here you can turn north three miles to the Trabing Road and then east one mile to I-25 at exit #291, or you can turn south for seven miles and then turn east on the Middle Fork Road (J-265) for four miles to I-25 at exit #280.

The Crazy Woman Canyon trip is a terrific shortcut between I-25 and US-16. However, trailers and RV's are prohibited due to the narrow road and extremely steep grade.