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Section 10: Trip Thirteen

Kaycee to the Outlaw Cave Trail


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 43.716764, -106.643611
     Ending: 43.589055, -106.947330

This trip begins by taking I-25 exit #254 to Kaycee and turning west toward the Bighorn Mountains on W-191. At mile #1 you come to a junction. Here W-191 continues northwest to Mayoworth and the Slope Road to Ten Sleep (see page 152).

Turn southwest on W-190 toward Barnum and you begin following the Middle Fork Powder River. At mile #104 you cross Alkali Creek and one mile further you cross Cottonwood Creek. Here you can see White Castle Rock to the south. At mile #108 you cross the Red Fork Powder River, and after two more miles W-190 ends. (Nice drive.)

Continue west on the pavement (J-78), across the Middle Fork Powder River, where you follow along Beaver Creek a junction at Barnum (17 miles from Kaycee). Here the pavement ends and the road (J-78) toward the Dull Knife Battle site turns north. (See option below.)

Stay to the west and the road turns south after crossing the creek and you pass by a couple of access roads going west. As you travel south along a section of the Red Wall, the road crosses Blue Creek and two miles further you cross Sheep Creek. You then travel past Red Castle Rock. As you cross the Middle Fork Powder River, Steamboat Rock is off to the east.

You now follow Buffalo Creek for one mile to the Outlaw Cave Trail. Turn west past a couple of ranch roads continuing south. You enter the BLM Middle Fork Powder River Recreation Area and the road gets a bit rougher. After one mile you pass a small road going over to the canyon (and I do mean canyon). Stay to the southwest and up the hill. After two more miles, you come to the Outlaw Cave Trail camping area. A 4WD road continues west.

OPTION: The Dull Knife Battle Site - No Access!

Turn north at Barnum and the road (J-78) travels along the base of the Red Wall above Beaver Creek. (Beautiful drive!) Six miles further you cross the creek and the county road ends.

STOP HERE! The county road once continued north through some breaks for a couple more miles before dropping down the other side and ending at a gate—just shy of the monument. There, you use to be able to view the white stone monument about 200 yards to the east and imagine the following inscription, "Here Nov. 25, 1876 gen. R.S. Machenzie with U.S. forces composed of detachments of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th cavalry; 4th and 9th artillery; 9th, 23rd infantry defeated the Cheyennes under Dull Knife. Lieut. McKinney and six soldiers were killed in battle."

While the trip toward the historical monument IS a beautiful little trip of six miles, the ability to view the actual marker is NOT worth a trespass fee.