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Section 10: Trip Twelve

Kaycee to Waltman on the Willow - Buffalo Creek Road


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Beginning: 43.648097, -106.620634
     Ending: 43.070366, -107.196091

This trip begins by turning off I-25 exit #249, and turning south across Jack Rabbit Draw on the TTT Road to a small junction. Here you turn southwest toward the Willow Creek School (23 miles). At this junction you can see The Horn and the Bighorn Mountains to the north and to the east is Pine Ridge.

After two miles you begin following along Murphy Creek and winding around some breaks. Five miles further the road crosses Murphy Creek and swings south. You then pass by Frewens Castle (off to the east) and the road turns southeast toward Tisdale Mountain and then back south again. Here you cross Posey Creek and three miles further is a junction (16 miles from I-25). Here you can continue south on the Lone Bear Road (N-112) to Powder River or Casper.

Turn west on the Willow Creek Road (N-111) and follow along Willow Creek. After two miles the road turns southwest across Poodle Dog Creek and travels through a small canyon past ponderosa pine and cedar trees on the hillsides and peachleaf willow and cottonwood trees below. (Nice drive.) Six miles from the last junction, you cross a small creek at the Willow Creek School. Here a ranch road (N-111) continues south along the creek and dead ends.

Take the sharp turn west up the hill on N-111A and to the top of a divide. The road winds around a bit and after three miles, you drop down through a cut in The Red Wall to Cow Springs Gulch. Just a bit further is a small junction where a ranch road turns south.

Stay west and you get a terrific view of The Red Wall along to the north and across to the south. The road winds around through some breaks and past some small buttes for about three miles and then travels out across the flats. Two miles further you begin passing between The Wall on the south and The Island on the north. (Great place.) You then come to a couple of junctions. At the first junction, N-105 turns north and dead ends at a BLM trailhead to The Hole in the Wall. At the second junction a half-mile further west, the Thirty-three Mile Road (N-110) turns southeast and joins the Lone Bear Road to Powder River.

Continue west on the Thirty-three Mile Road and you cross Buffalo Creek in one mile. One mile further is another junction. Here N-110 continues west and then north to US-16 (see page 149).

Stay southwest on the Buffalo Creek Road (N-105) and you follow along Buffalo Creek and The Wall for four miles to a crossing. You now begin following Baker Creek and The Wall (now a double wall, red below and gray above). After seven miles, you come to a junction. Here the Big Horn Trail (N-109) turns northwest to US-16 and the Baker Cabin Road (N-108) turns southeast toward Powder River (see page 149).

Stay southwest on the Arminto Stock Trail/Buffalo Creek Road (N-105). The road winds around past some domed hills and along the wall (somewhat less defined now). After six miles the road crosses EK Creek at the base of Deadman Butte and you follow EK Creek down to the flats. Seven miles further is a junction. Here the Lost Cabin Road (N-103) turns west to Badwater and Lost Cabin.

Stay south on the pavement for one mile to another junction in Arminto. Here you can take the Bakers Cabin Road (N-108) east for nine miles to N-106 and then south for 15 miles to US-20 (mile #36) at Powder River. Continue south on the pavement for eight miles to US-20 (mile #50) at Waltman.

The general area containing the Red Wall and the Island is terrific and well worth the trip.