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Section 10: Trip Ten

Moneta to Ten Sleep on the Nowood River Road


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Beginning: 43.161965, -107.726803
     Ending: 44.032731, -107.451214

This trip begins by turning off US-20 mile #79 at Moneta. As you head north on F-176 through the Moneta Hills, you can see the Beaver Divide to the south, Lysite Mountain to the north and Cooper Mountain to the northwest. After eight miles, you cross Badwater Creek to a junction in Lysite. Here you can go northwest to another junction and then west on F-117 to Shoshoni on the Badwater Road or north on F-259 to Thermopolis on the Bridger Road.

Turn east on the Badwater Creek Road (F-117) and after three miles you come to a junction in Lost Cabin. Here the Lost Cabin Road (F-158) goes east across Badwater Creek to Arminto.

Turn north on the Badwater Creek Road (F-117) and after two miles the pavement ends. Continue north toward Lysite Mountain and along Badwater Creek. After about three miles (not the road going northwest after two and half miles) is another junction. Here the Badwater Road turns east across Snyder Creek and then Badwater Creek toward Cedar Ridge and Powder River.

Stay north on the Nowood Road (F-295) and you go past Snyder Creek Reservoir and begin following Snyder Creek. After two miles, you come to the next junction. Here the Big Horn Trail (F-296) goes east to Sioux Pass.

Continue north on the Nowood Road and you cross Cottonwood Creek (three miles) and begin following it up a small canyon to Cottonwood Pass (four more miles). As the road drops down the other side (along Stove Creek and then Crawford Creek), you have a good view of the Bighorn Mountains to the north and Battle Mountain to the northwest. After a couple of miles you begin traveling on W-82. About four miles further, you cross the Nowood River and follow it to a junction (five more miles). Here you can take the Nowater Trail (BLM-1404) northwest to Worland.

Continue northeast along the river and the base of Lightning Ridge to Nowood. One mile further you go by the Split Rock Road (W-80) going east to Cherry Creek Hill and the 33-Mile Stock Trail.

Stay on the Nowood Road and you follow the river through the gap below Mahogany Butte. (Nice drive.) Along this stretch, you see boxelder, cottonwood, willow, chokecherry, and ash trees. After going through the gap, the road travels through a beautiful valley and crosses Cherry Creek (four miles from the gap). You then follow along Redbank Creek for about five miles. Here the road turns back to the north where you begin following Little Canyon Creek. Along here you can see Horse Butte to the east. (Beautiful drive.)

After crossing the creek, you hit W-434 mile #21 at Big Trails. Here you can take the Spring Creek Road (W-58) to rejoin W-434, or you can take W-85 west to the 33-Mile Stock Trail. Continuing north on W-434, you begin following along the Nowood River again. The road crosses Otter Creek at mile #12, and at mile #8 you pass by the Spring Creek Road (looping back toward Big Trails). Seven miles further, you cross Ten Sleep Creek and hit US-16 in Ten Sleep.

Mahogany Butte and the Nowood River drainage as viewed from Lightning Ridge.