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Section 10: Trip One

The Crystal Creek Road from Greybull to Lovell


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Beginning: 44.493598, -108.043813
     Ending: 44.822202, -108.140769

This trip begins by taking US-14 east from Greybull. Just after crossing the Bighorn River, you turn north on Division Street, west on Sandy Row, and then follow it around to Rim Rock Road. Turn north again and you follow along the river for about one mile where the pavement ends. Here you drop down a small hill and turn north again on Rd-27. The road crosses Shell Creek to a junction in one mile. Here a mine road turns west.

Turn east on the Crystal Creek Road (Lane-33) and head toward the Bighorn Mountains. The road follows along Shell Creek and past lavender and pink buttes. After three miles you come to a junction (six miles from Greybull). Here Lane-33 continues east toward the Devils Kitchen.

Turn north toward Crystal Creek (12 miles) and you pass by a mine haul road going east after two miles. Stay to the northwest and over a small hill on BLM-1129. You now begin traveling between Sheep Mountain on the west and a long ridge on the east. To the far north you can see the Pryor Mountains. Five miles from the haul road you cross Bear Creek below Steamship Rock. (Beautiful area.)

After crossing Bear Creek the road climbs over a divide to Dry Bear Creek. The road climbs up the next hill for about two miles and you can now see the cut where the Bighorn River flows through Sheep Mountain. To the far west are the Absaroka Mountains and to the far northwest is Heart Mountain and the Beartooth Range.

The road then drops down through some fantastic badlands to Crystal Creek (18 miles from Greybull). Just after crossing the creek you pass by a ranch road going east. Turn west toward the river. After about two miles, you come to a "Y" in the road. Both branches connect after one mile and you begin traveling northwest again and across Red Flat. After a couple of miles, the road turns back to the north and you can now see where the Bighorn River cuts through Little Sheep Mountain. You pass by several small roads turning east and 14 miles from Crystal Creek you hit US-14A at mile #60.

A section of the Big Horn Basin badlands between Crystal Creek and Dry Bear Creek.