Wyoming Wildlife - The Crows, Jays & Blackbirds!

Wyoming's ravens, crows and jays belong to the family Corvidae and are considered to be the most intelligent group of birds. They have had a long, close association with humans and are well known in literature, folklore, myths and legends and most certainly in campgrounds as tricksters and thieves. Members of the blackbird family, Icteridae, are a bit less renowned; but they are nonetheless readily recognized by many in Wyoming. It is the arrival of Red-winged Blackbirds and Western Meadowlarks (the state bird) that bring the first sounds of spring.

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Common Raven

Common Raven Video Clip

American Crow

American Crow No Clip

Black-billed Magpie

Black-billed Magpie Video Clip

Clark's Nutcracker

Clark's Nutcracker Video Clip

Blue Jay

Blue Jay No Clip

Gray Jay

Gray Jay No Clip

Common Grackle

Common Grackle Video Clip

Brewer's Blackbird

Brewer's Blackbird Video Clip

Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird Video Clip

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed Blackbird Video Clip

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbird Video Clip

Western Meadowlark

Western Meadowlark Video Clip

Bullock's Oriole

Bullock's Oriole Video Clip

Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole Video Clip